The Beast, The Termite


The first part of a series.

At a first glance or hearing of the term beast, our mind automatically depicts an ugly and dangerous animal. Should any beast in our description appear in front of us, the instinct reaction is fear, where to hide, how to combat, and/or the combination. The situation portrays a clear involvement of our senses and alert reaction. On the other hand, termite can be normally treated as helpless and/or pass our senses without posing any danger.

In this situation, we are off-guard. Since this is the first part, the writer prefers to share his opinion in a deductive manner, rather than inductive. It is clearer to picture a broad topic by presenting it from general perspective to specific, rather than from specific to general.

To start, “The Beast and the Termite” may partially describe the evils of society. This can be
deduced as the handiwork of (listed from the most grave to least grave): Imperialism; Communism; Personal Interest; and People’s Unmindful Attitude and Insensible.

Why imperialism tops the list? First, it is a global phenomenon. Second, it employs communism, influence top personalities of its target state/ nation who trade their patriotic values for personal interest. And third, it clothed itself in the guise The Beast The TERMITE as international police, the mediator of conflicts between and among states/nations, philanthropist, and the like that subtly deceit the individual citizenry to be unaware of its true intent.

One of the dictums of political science that could be used to identify the tricks of imperialism is, “No state/nation wants, helps, and/or supports other state/nation
to progress”. The message is clear. No state/nation is insane enough to create a competitor especially in term of trade in the world market. Imperialism perse seeks to dominate the economic or political affairs of weaker countries. In ancient times, imperialism was
executed in a beastlike manner wherein an imperialist country boldly conquers and annexes a weak or weaker country. At present, an imperialist is clothed as a peacekeeper, respectable, generous donor, humanitarian, and others.

With the dictum that aids undressed the works of imperialism, it is safe to muster
in mind that the unsolicited intervention of one country on the general affairs of another country using the clothing shall be obvious. It is then be understood that the works of imperialism shall include but not limited to economic sabotage; political destabilization;
social disintegration; and territorial manipulation. Some manifestation of the evil works of imperialism in the Philippines as follows:

The classic example of economic sabotage was the introduction of the “Million Dollar Kuhol”. When the destruction of rice production became nationwide, “Pamatay Kuhol” was already available for distribution by the saboteur. The effect is self-explanatory.; Just after the Twin Towers bombing in New York, USA on September 11, 2001, the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) here in the Philippines was declared as a cell of the International Terrorists under “Jemaah Islamiyah (JI)” which is allegedly a cell of the “Al Qaeda” in Southeast Asia. Looking at the nature of the ASG, the group is composed of uneducated personalities who are unlikely
have the ability to establish a clout even in Mindanao alone. (Note: Those who kidnap victims as far as Palawan and Malaysia and turnover them to the ASG in Basilan and Sulu are doubtful members of the ASG). Declaring the ASG as a cell of the International Terrorists is logically seen as a scheme to attract and divide the attention of the International Terrorist here in the Philippines. The culprit for this is an imperialist.


Part II – How the imperialist is utilizing communism for its interest.

The second part of a series.

The first part tackled the general overview on how the imperialist employs deceit to impede the development/growth of our country. In this second part, it will deal on how the imperialist is utilizing communism to further enslave our country.

In order to picture and relate what the writer wants to portray about his idea in this particular topic, it shall be proper to review first some basic knowledge about communism.

1. Communism – A theory of social organization advocating common ownership of means of production and a distribution of products of industry based on need that precedes a system of government in which one party controls state-owned means of production.

Karl Marx and Frederick Engels were the authors of the basic philosophic and economic communist doctrines. They lived and wrote from about 1840-1890. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin developed the theory and put it in practice by adding violence and bloodshed for its realization.

2. Philosophy of Communism – Karl Marx took the dialectical portion of Hegelian philosophy, married it to the materialism of Feuerbach, and produced the Philosophy of communism known as “Dialectical Materialism.” Dialectic is the process or art of reasoning by a discussion of conflicting ideas, while materialism means that everything can be explained as being or coming from matter or Source: You Can Trust the Communists (to be Communists) By
Dr Fred Schwarz “Everything including man is matter in motion, nothing more.”

3. The objective of Communism – To seize power or to come to power. Destroy the state and government, and replace it with a new one by creating a new world and regenerate mankind.

Lenin claimed that government could be overthrown only through violence and bloodshed. The supersession of the bourgeois state by the proletarian state is impossible without a violent revolution. The purpose of the revolution is not to seize control of the state, but to destroy it. Why? The goal of communism is not to secure a president exercising Constitutional power. The purpose is to destroy utterly the Constitution, the legislative
system, the judicial system, and the administrative system, to wipe out the state and build a new one in a totally different form. In doing so, it is secured from an inevitable counter-revolution.

4. Program of Communism – To produce perfect people with perfect bodies, perfect minds, and perfect characters, living together in perfect happiness. This is to be done by means
of science. The scientific application following its philosophy of “dialectical materialism” means the denial of God’s existence and the abolition of a family.

5. Communist Beliefs:

a. They believe that each group of people is so short-sighted and so selfishly motivated that, provided you are working in the interests of their most pressing desires in the
immediate environment, they will pay no attention to what you are promising
and promoting at a distance;

b. When a man’s evidence cannot be discredited, the simplest alternative is to discredit the man himself;

c. Matter in motion is the sum total of all being, that nothing in the universe but matter in motion. Man is a material machine. Within his body is a stomach that secretes gastric
juice, a liver that secretes bile, a brain that secretes emotion and thought.

A thought is merely a reflection of certain electronic impulses within the brain. The functional unit of the brain is the conditioned reflex. A reflex is an unlearned muscular response to a natural or unconditioned stimulus. The mind is simply a complex of conditioned reflexes; and

d. Atheism is a natural and inseparable portion of Marxism, of the theory and practice of scientific socialism.

6. Communist Party Structure:

a. Communist Party – The heart, core, or center of the organization of a small group whose members are organized, disciplined, and dedicated, and which has a single mind, will and
purpose. It is composed of both open and crypto or hidden (people who deny their communist association and affiliation, but who are nevertheless dedicated communist) communists.

The Communist Party is never entirely above ground. In countries where Communist Party is allowed the legal existence, the legal party must be associated with an illegal party, and
that the legal party must be under the control of the illegal party. The controlling segment, therefore, of the Party is always underground.

b. Zone of Fellow Travelers – Immediately surrounding the Communist Party. A fellow traveler is one who approves communist philosophy, communist objectives, communist organization, and tactics, but who, for some personal reason, has not submitted himself to total Party discipline. They are subject in large measure to Party discipline, and they will willingly and sacrificially work with the communists, but they can go to any court in the land, and swear under oath that they are not communists
because they are not members of the

c. Zone of Sympathizers – Surrounding the zone of fellow travelers. While they cannot approve of communism altogether, they feel that it is progressive and in the interest of the
working class and that it is possible to associate with the communists in a local worthy objective. They feel that if they work with the communists, are tolerant of them, and love them a little, the evil features of communism will wither away leaving only that which is worthwhile. Religionists are particularly prone to argue in this way.

d. Zone of Pseudo-liberals – Surrounding the zone of sympathizers. Most of these liberals are found in colleges and universities, frequently occupying professorial chairs. They
claim to be against communism in general, but they support the rights of the communists to speak and organize. Their viewpoint is that nobody should suffer any social restraints or
disadvantages unless there is evidence that is valid in a court of law.

Their argument is fallacious because they project certain conditions which prevail in the realm/sphere of law into the realm of privilege and social activity where they do not apply.
Example: An employer rejected a man seeking employment because the former heard that the latter was dismissed from his last employment for embezzlement. The rejection is
not considered as social restraint or disadvantage against the man seeking employment in the absence of evidence that is valid in a court of law.

e. Zone of Dupes – Surrounding the zone of pseudo-liberals. These are those who have simply been deceived.

They are among others:

1) General Public – Those who support and vote Communist Fronts such as Bayan Muna; Association of Concerned Teachers (ACT); GABRIELA; and the like. Most of the Filipino citizens from all walks of life are unaware of these CPP front organizations and perceived them as pro-poor, pro-people, pro-workers, anti-corruption, and the like, hence, they support and vote.

2) Businessmen, Professionals, Politicians, Religious Leaders, Wealthy Persons, Ethnic or Community Leaders and/or Elders, and other Well Known Individuals – They are unwittingly
supporting front organizations through financial, manpower, professional assistance, use of facilities and types of equipment, use of their names, advertising, and the like. Ex: A medical
doctor when asked to help for a medical mission by a front organization maybe willingly and voluntarily donate medicines, shoulder some financial expenses, and render free medical services.

3) Students – Participate and attend rallies organized by front organizations in the guise to air grievances of corruption in the school, to fight tuition fee increase, to improve the standard of education, and other issues that the Communists may create. Help or assist with any activities which they are unaware of the purpose.

4) Laborers, Workers, or Employees – Participate and attend rallies organized by front organizations in the guise of demanding for higher wages, shorter working hours, and
better working condition. However, the demand is too much that the administration may opt to stop its operation. The purpose here is to cripple the national economy should
they succeed to stop operation of all private and government-owned establishments nationwide, and exploit the workers who will become jobless.

5) NPA Members – What they only know is that the NPA is the armed component of the Communist Party. Do they know what communism means? They are ignorant about it,
hence, they are unaware that they are submitting themselves for exploitation by the Communist Party in all forms of destabilization activities.

The imperialist is very much aware of the basic outline of the devious and dangerous philosophy, objective, program, beliefs, and structure of communism. Being very much aware of it, a scheme shall be designed to save its country. How shall it be done? By
utilizing communism to other countries like the Philippines so as to divide the attention of the communist countries and to serve as a first battleground should war erupts between democracy and communism.

With this, when the Philippines will be pulverized and erased on the earth’s surface, communist strength will already be weakened before the war will be shifted to the imperialist territory. On the other hand, while war is not imminent, the imperialist is enslaving our country in our economic, political, and social growth through the destabilization activities being implemented by the communist terrorists.

A question could be raised, what concrete proof can be cited to say that an imperialist does it in the Philippines.

A classic example is, the thousands of assorted firearms (M14, M16, Garand, and carbine rifles) which were transported here in the Philippines, particularly in Palanan, Isabela in
1972 through a vessel called “MV Karagatan” to arm the New People’s Army (NPA) were not manufactured by any communist country. The supplier then is an imperialist.


Part III – will deal with why and how Personal Interest serves as the cohort of the imperialist in destabilizing our country.

The third part of a series.

The first part tackled the general overview on how the imperialist employs deceit to impede the development/growth of our country. The second part dealt on how the imperialist is utilizing communism to further enslave our country. In this third part, it will deal on “Personal Interest” that provides cohorts of the imperialist in destabilizing our country.

As an analogy, a termite destroys a structure almost unnoticed until it breaks down. On the other hand, an imperialist employs all forms of maneuvers through insidious eloquence that is generally undetected. With this, a termite’s head represents the imperialist, while its legs represent those with personal interest who aid the head in the destruction of their own country.

The termite’s legs through the dictate of its headset about systematically crippling an innocent and unwitting country in an orgy of blatant crime-for-profit. In part I, it presented one example of a crime through economic sabotage that is profitable to the termite/imperialist. In part II, it presented how the termite/ imperialist utilizes communism for its profitable operations.

In this part, it will show how the termite’s head utilizes its legs in an orgy of blatant crimes-for profit.

For those who believe in the “Theory of Creation and Biblical Passages or Stories,” it has been said that the first sin committed by man emanated from greediness. Eve was deceived to eat the forbidden fruit in order to be all knowing like their master (God). Similarly, Lucifer was driven out in Heaven because of his greed to reign. Hence, greediness begets personal interest; that explains why some could sacrifice their country and serve the interest of the imperialist who provides them material wealth, enormous power, and social status.

The demonic acts of the imperialist find relief in the realization of its ultimate goal in preserving its resources at the expense of others. If the Philippines becomes progressive, then it means a great loss for a continued exploitation.


Part IV and last part of a series.

The previous parts discussed imperialism as the head of a termite and personal interest as its legs. In this part, it will deal with the unmindful and insensible attitude of an ordinary

Citizen/individual up to the powerful and influential people that form the body of a termite. Additionally, how the beast comes-in in further turning our country into rubbish.

It is then necessary to first determine and describe the contributory factors that make an individual to be unmindful and insensible, and to relate repercussions. The contributory factors are the following:

  1. Selfishness – An individual is considered selfish by not sharing his/her knowledge to educate others in order to save them from becoming prey by their unwitting mind. As a result, an uneducated person joins any form of organization that propagates violent actions with the wrong notion that his/her involvement is beneficial to the nation. Hence, the unsuspecting individuals offer their productive life in the armed struggle of the New People’s Army (NPA), while others join and participate in the ferocious rallies organized by the front organizations of the National Democratic Front (NDF).


  1. Cowardice – Failure to divulge the truth for fear of the antagonists. One of the doctrines in the practice of communism is, “A man could not withstand fear for a long period, subsequently, submission of his/her total being is inevitable.” In remote areas, those who could decipher the pretense of communism prefer to be silent than to be threatened or killed. On the situation of professionals wherein their positions, social status, and/or benefits are at risk, to be daring is very least.


  1. Indolence – This is affiliated with a person’s lack of social responsibility. An individual who could not find a driving force to subsidize initiatives and actions for the general welfare will just remain passive. However, he/she accepts or demands the benefits that a society can offer to the public. This kind of a person fails to think and consider, that we can never withdraw a single cent in a bank without depositing.


  1. Careless – This could also be attributed to “Mind your own business (MYOB)” attitude. As long as an individual’s undertakings are not affected by any chaotic happenings, he/she tends to forget that peace and security is a collective endeavor. An example of this is the life story of Attorney Arturo King Ramos Trinidad of Sta Cruz, Laguna. Atty Trinidad, while still a 2nd year AB Political Science Student at UP Diliman, Quezon City joined the underground movement of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and was apprehended with the members of the New People’s Army (NPA) sometime in 1992 at Brgy Viga, Lasam, Cagayan as an exposuree. As revealed during the conduct of custodial debriefing, he stated that he was able to join the underground movement of the CPP because his parents were not monitoring, supervising, and checking on him, his studies, activities, and whereabouts; even during summer vacations, as they were busy in their business. From the above stated contributory factors, it is safe to state that: peace and security; development; progress; and prosperity shall come from within and not from without. After World War II, Japan became devastated and indebted. To address the situation, Japan closed its door from any foreign intervention in order to resolve its problem from among the citizenry. The approach which made Japan regain its status as a powerful nation in the world is a clear proof that the solution to progress shall come from within. Every individual must contribute, and basic things must be first determined and addressed. Hence, transformation without considering small things that make us independent is futile. For instance, dreaming to become big, world-class, progressive, or any adjective that we may prefer to use without addressing first our basic requirements in order to become independent from the dictates of world trading is immature. While the termite is continuously weakening and destroying the structure of our society, the situation becomes ripe for the beast to do its part. The creation and unceasing existence of various destabilization groups and/or organizations is the handicraft of the termite, and the dreadful result is the beast’s mode of implementation. In conclusion, the termite’s head, legs, and body working in unison and the beast’s devastating efforts thwart our goal for peace and security, development, progress, and prosperity.

Division Sergeant Major