Importance of Summary of Information(SOI)


The Summary of Information (SOI) serves as a stock room of information of every army soldier where important details and facts regarding their lives and achievements are kept.

                Major General Perfecto M Rimando Jr, Commander, 5th Infantry Division, acknowledged the importance of having an updated SOI. That is why, he issued a directive regarding on the regular updating of SOI of every member of the Perfect Star Division. According to our Commander, it was commonly observed during the past decades, that the loss of important military documents is one of the major problems encountered by most of our troops. The SOI are Military documents are needed especially during filing for promotions, reenlistments as well as during applications for schooling both local and abroad, and of course, during the applications for retirement, either optional or compulsory. Most importantly these documents are required during the processing of the benefit claims of soldiers who unfortunately die while in the active service

                According to MGen Rimando Jr, the goal of the directive is to make every Star Trooper responsible in handling their documents for future purposes. The importance of the said directive is to compel those who are at the front lines to update their SOIs. The Command gives priority to the men in the front lines and one way of identifying those who deserve to be rewarded is through their SOIs. We will not forget those who are putting their lives at risk to fight the enemies of the state and the people, so that we will win the long lasting peace that our countrymen have been longing for more than five decades.

                The following are guidelines for the updating of SOI:

  • Foremost, visit the Personnel Information System Office (PISO) and get a copy of your SOI. Check and review your copy if there are incorrect spellings and incomplete information.
  • On a clear paper, write down all information that needed to be updated. This information must be backed by necessary documents.
  • If there are lacking information in your SOI then, you may clarify to the PISO.
  • Upon updating, be sure that your papers especially your awards or commendations, civilian or military are properly arranged.
  • Always communicate and seek help from your Liaison NCO in assessing your papers.
  • Have an extra copy of your updated SOI and attach them to your Military Personnel File (MPF) for future reference.
  • Bear in mind that those person who prepared the most, are always in the upper hand in whatever circumstances.
  • Lastly, be reminded that updating of SOI is an individual responsibility.


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