CAFGU BAYANI KA program in 5ID


                     As a way of honoring the CAFGU with their unselfish sacrifices and unspoken heroism, the CAFGU BAYANI KA program was launched jointly by the 77th Infantry Battalion (Cadre) under Lieutenant Colonel Rembert R Baylosis, and the 1st Civil-Relations Group, CRS, AFP under Maj Ericson Bulosan at the Headquarters Charlie Company, Brgy Bantay, Tabuk City, Kalinga on August 27, 2018.

                    The launching was a timely celebration of the National Heroes Day which commemorates, the heroism of Filipino heroes.

                    Part of the program was the conduct of medical and dental mission intended for the CAFGU members and their families.

                    The Command believed that, the CAFGU played a significant role in maintaining peace in the countryside. They are the formidable forces in manning the most isolated patrol bases and detachment preventing the Communist-NPA-Terrorist from spreading their terroristic activities against the people. They are great partners of their localities in conducting development, community-civic initiatives, and other initiatives.

                    The 5ID under Major General Perfecto M Rimando Jr, highlighted the importance of the CAA by likening them to the early Filipino soldiers who fought selflessly and yet unnoticed. “Great Filipino heroes like Gregorio Del Pilar, Andres Bonifacio, Emilio Aguinaldo, Lapu-lapu and others might not have landed in the book of history without the men behind them, who followed their orders and fought side-by-side with them.”

                    “Those fighters were ordinary Filipinos – young and adults from the mountains and valleys, regardless of their social status in life, they step forward to follow their passion to serve our country.”  He explained

                    “At our modern times, they are the CAFGU, simple, young and old, men and women, highlander and Ilocanos, just like regular soldiers, they are also willing to die for our Flag, for our Country and for the Filipino People. They are the living heroes.” MGen Rimando Jr, added.

                    The Command, thru the 77IB (C) is doing its best to deliver all the services intended for our living heroes, from the timely distribution of their subsistence allowance, distribution of their uniforms and equipment, to the conduct of regular medical attention not only to them but also their families.

                    The whole Star Troopers give its snappiest salute to all of our CAFGU, our HERO.


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