• Laurel Leaves – Stands for the values and attitudes of a man in pursuit of peace and goodwill for all men.
  • Horse Head – Symbolizes strength and speedy reaction. It also stands for the democracy that we are fighting for.
  • Shield – Symbolizes the unit as the protector and defender of all mankind.
  • 45IB – Represent the numerical number of the unit.
  • Gallant – It also stands for gallantry in action and the speed of the horse.
  • Yellow – Stands for the dedication and loyalty to the Republic of the Philippines.
  • Red – Symbolizes strength, alacrity and bravery of its soldier.
  • White – Stands for the sincerity and purity of its personnel.
  • Black – Stands for the conduct of operations that even during night time, the unit strikes in order to accomplish its mission.



The 45th Infantry Battalion came into existence during the height of insurgency in Eastern Samar in the early part of 1975. To address the situation, the then PRESIDENT FERDINAND MARCOS directed GENERAL FORTUNATO ABAT, the CGPA to organize and deploy one (1) Infantry Battalion.

On July 1977, the 45th Infantry Battalion (Provisional) was activated pursuant to GO Nr 93 H3ID, PA dated 5 July 1977 composed of twenty (20) Officers, one hundred forty four (144) enlisted personnel and three hundred fifty seven (357) trainees with LTC WILFREDO DUBLIN as the first Battalion Commander.

Pursuant to GO Nr 181 H3ID, PA dated 24 October 1977; the Provisional Infantry Battalion was organized as a REGULAR Battalion of the Philippine Army organic to 3rd Infantry Division wherein MAJOR FELIPE TOCITO took command of the unit on 16 October 1977. After which, LTC ANDRES BUSTAMANTE was designated as the acting Bn Commander from 01 Mar to 30 June 1978. After its stay in Eastern Samar, the unit was recalled for retraining at Pinamungahan, Cebu from 01 Jul to 15 Nov same year.

On 18 November 1978, the unit was deployed at Tipo-tipo, Basilan under the command of LTC GAPITO DUQUE which was later absorbed by the 4ID, PA. It was also in Basilan Province when then MAJOR, now SECRETARY VOLTAIRE GAZMIN of the Department of National Defense assumed command on 01 March 1979. After few months, the unit transferred to Zamboanga Peninsula.

On 21 April 1980, LTC CLEOFAS ORDONIA took command of the unit. On 01 Oct same year, the unit was absorbed by the Special Warfare Brigade, PA but was further absorbed seven months later by 5th Infantry Division, the then 5th Infantry Bde (Separate).

During its stay in Zamboanga Peninsula, the unit earned credit due to the surrender of the Malayan Trained ranking leaders namely: Commander Sical Jasan and Hadji Gil. On 01 October 1981, the unit was again dispatched to Tipo-tipo, Base.

On 04 February 1982, the unit left Zamboanga for retraining at Camp Aquino, Tarlac. One (1) month after, the battalion was deployed in Bicol Region under COL AMADO ISIDRO. It was at that place and time when the battalion earned the most coveted awards, the Best Battalion in Operations (1982) and Best in Administration (1983). After three (3) years stint in Bicol Region, the unit moved its forces to Abra Province in Northern Luzon.

After two (2) years and four (4) months of stay in Abra, the unit moved to the Ilocos Region under the leadership of COL ORLANDO CASTELLANO.

After more than three (3) years stay in Ilocos Region, the unit moved to the Cordilleras on 10 November 1990 and established its Headquarters at Luna, Kalinga–Apayao. The Liberation of Marag Valley, an enemy stronghold was made possible through the overwhelming combat strategy of the unit under LTC ELIAS GALICIA.

On 09 August 1991, the unit moved its Headquarters at Buluan, Conner, Kalinga–Apayao under the command of LTC RICARDO NOBLEZA. The unit with other batallions destroyed the well-defended Puguin-Mabiga complex of the Kalinga Front Committee.

On 16 May 1993, LTC LENO GAMONNAC took over the command wherein the battalion headquarters was moved to Camp Duyan, Bulanao, Tabuk, Kalinga. After barely eight months stay at Tabuk, MAJ RUDY GULIGADO took over on 17 November 1994 where the Battalion Headquarters was moved to Cawagayan, Pinukpuk, Kalinga.

On 16 January 1995, MAJ RICARDO BELARMINO assumed command with an expanded AO designed to confront the enemy with its own set of operational boundaries. So, on 01 Aug 1995, the Battalion Headquarters was transferred to Bantay, Tabuk, Kalinga.

On 16 January 1996, LTC HILARIO ATENDIDO took the helm and steered the unit in the conduct of Internal Security Operation. During his tenure, the unit put emphasis on Civil Military Operations. It was during that time that the Army Literacy Patrol System program was launched, making it the first of its kind to be initiated in the Province of Kalinga.

On 24 January 1997, LTC ERNESTO TAYAMEN SR assumed leadership. With his guidance, the unit scored a major victory against the Communist Terrorists of the Kalinga Front Committee thereby neutralizing five top commanders to include its Secretary SECOM 1, Cagayan Valley Regional Committee that resulted to the capture of two top CT personalities and the recovery of assorted high powered firearms.

On 24 July 1997, MAJ MARLOU SALAZAR took over and through his sterling leadership; the unit continuously strengthened its ISO campaign in Kalinga province.

On 1 February 1999, LTC DANTE TALIÑO assumed command. After nine (9) years stint in the Cordillerras, the unit took responsibility of Southern Isabela and established its Headquarters in San Mariano, Isabela on 26 February same year.

On 16 April 2001, COL LEVY ZAMORA then assumed leadership. The unit further covered the northern part of Isabela, but later covered the whole province. On 31 May 2002, LTC LEONARDO CAWALING assumed command. On 30 Jun same year, the unit relinquished ISO responsibility over five (5) municipalities of Isabela to 21IB.

On 21 November 2003, COL CELSO ARCILLA took command of the unit wherein the unit emphasized the TRIAD Concept of operation which resulted to the successful conduct of operations in the whole province of Isabela.

On 1 September 2004, then LT COL, now BGEN ALNULFO MARCOS, the current ADC, 5ID assumed command. As the Bn Cmdr, he intensified the unit’s efforts in ISO through a well-organized conduct of TRIAD Operations that have initiated five (5) successive major encounters that devastated the Cagayan Valley Regional Operational Command main camp and seven (7) sub-units on 30 March 2005. The unit also seized eleven (11) other CT camps/strongholds which resulted to the recovery of twenty five (25) high and low powered firearms and several war materials. Furthermore, thirty two (32) regular CTs were neutralized and fifteen (15) wanted criminals were apprehended.

On 1 September 2005, LTC EDDIE IRENEO MANINGDING assumed command. Through his excellent leadership, he led the unit during its participation in the 2006 Joint RP-US Balikatan Exercise. He intensified the conduct of TRIAD and SOT Operations which resulted to four (4) initiated major encounters that led to the neutralization of three (3) top ranking CT personalities, recovery of nine (9) HPFAs, facilitated the surrender of eighteen (18) communist terrorists and recovery of several war materials.

On 12 July 2007, LTC ELIAS ESCARCHA took leadership of the unit. During his very short stint, he shared his combat expertise that led to two major encounters against the communist terrorists in Isabela and Quirino that resulted to the killing of four prominent Communist Terrorist members and recovery of several high powered firearms.

On 16 November 2007, LTC CLIFFORD CYRIL RIVERAL assumed command. Through his competent leadership, the unit scored a major victory against CTs.

On 01 June 2008, LTC GENEROSO PONIO assumed command. Under his leadership, the unit was able to siege and destroy two (2) enemy explosive factories in San Mariano, Isabela with two 2 major encounters that led to the dismantling of the Sentro De Gravidad, Cagayan Valley Regional Committee. He spearheaded the deployment of the unit in Maguindanao province on 06 Jan 2010 to augment government troops in the region for the imposition of peace and order in connection with the 23 November 2009 Maguindanao incident. The unit scored two (2) major encounters against the lawless elements with substantial result and successfully imposed a credible, Honest, Orderly and Peaceful Election during the first automated May 2010 National and Local elections.

On 1 July 2010, LTC MARVIN LICUDINE assumed command. Under his outstanding leadership; the unit conceptualized a well deliberated Action Plan with a broad objective of “WINNING THE PEACE” in its area of operation with equal emphasis on the whole of nation and people centered approach as indicated in the IPSP “Bayanihan”. It was during his leadership where the unit pioneered the “Bayanihan” projects as a holistic and systematic approach that addressed the elusive peace situation in the area due to conflicts caused by various armed groups to include Ridos (conflict) among different local clans. The unit through law enforcement and clearing operations was able to recover forty two (42) HPAs and hundreds of explosives which eventually resulted to a relative peace, progress and development in the area.

On 01 July 2012, LTC FRANCISCO D MILLARE assumed command as the unit is continuing its IPSP “Bayanihan” efforts in the municipalities of Datu Unsay, Shariff Saydona, Mamasapano, Rajah Buayan and part of Sultan Sa Barongis.

On 12 January 2013, LTC DONALD P HONGITAN took over the Command of the Battalion. During his incumbency, the battalion captured the BIFF Hqs/Main Camp, otherwise known as “Camp Saad Bin Abiwakaz” at Brgy Ganta, Shariff Saydona Mustapha, Maguindanao on 31 January 2014 that resulted to the recovery of war material and voluminous documents of high intelligence value. The Battalion was later adjudged as the 6ID BEST (OPCON) BATTALION on TRIAD operations for CY- 2013.

On 16 July 2014, LTC ROMEO N BAUTISTA III INF (GSC) PA assumed command of the unit. Under his leadership, the Battalion conducted Focused Military Operations in the “SPMS Box” in Maguindanao which resulted to the apprehension of high value target Abi Salman @ Sauman in Barangay Tuka, Mamasapano, Maguindanao last 21 October 2014 and the capture of Camp and IED factory of the Justice Islamic Movement (JIM), a BIFF break-away group under MOHAMAD ALI TAMBAKO in Brgy Dasikil, Mamasapano, Maguindanao last 01 March 2015 and. He led the Battalion and other friendly forces in reinforcing the beleaguered PNP SAF elements in Brgy Tukanalipao, Mamasapano, Maguindanao and was able to rescue Thirty (30) survivors and recovered  Forty Four (44) KIA and Ten (10) WIA.

He then spearheaded the redeployment of the unit from Maguindanao to Cotabato Province. During his tenure, the Battalion scored Nine (11) major and minor encounters against various threat groups which resulted to the recovery of Five (5) enemy killed (body counts), Two (2) M16 Rifles, Three (3) M203 Grenade Launchers, Six (6) Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers (RPG), Three (3) Cal .45 Pistols, Four (4) Hand Grenades, Twenty four (24) Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), Nine (9) High Explosive 81mm and 60mm Mortar rounds and other assorted ammunitions, voluminous enemy war materiel, equipment, and subversive documents of high intelligence value. The Battalion also scored in several successful Joint Law Enforcement Operations with the PNP, CIDG, PDEA, and LGUs which resulted to the apprehension of Seven (7) wanted personalities and Four (4) drug pushers and users, confiscation of Nine Thousand One Hundred Eighty Eight (9,188) fully-grown Marijuana Plants and several sachets of Shabu and drug paraphernalia.

Simultaneously, the Battalion implemented various CMO and Bayanihan activities as follows: Facilitated Twelve (12) relief goods distribution to 35,742 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), Seven (7) blood-letting activities donating 81,400cc of different blood types, 23 MEDCAPs for 9,536 beneficiaries, Nine (9) Food Feedings Programs for 1,500 beneficiaries, Two (2) constructions of a 2-classroom school building, One (1) construction of a public market building, Two (2) rehabilitations of 2-kilometer farm to market roads, and Eight (8) RIDO settlements and peace covenant signings, and facilitated the planting of Nine Thousand Six Hundred Fifty (9,650) seedlings of fruit bearing and non-fruit bearing trees or 44.77% of the target goal of 21,550 tree seedlings by 2016 in support to the National Greening Program (NGP) of the government.

On 29 May 2016, 602Bde, 6ID, PA released OPCON of this unit and redeployed to JTF-Sulu AOR, and assumes IPSO responsibility within 501st Brigade’s Area of Operation. 45IB was tasked by the 501Bde and assumed IPSO responsibility over the Nineteen (19) barangays of Talipao, Sulu namely: Upper Kamuntayan, Lower Kamuntayan, Kagay, Bilaan, Upper Sinumaan, Lower Sinumaan, Mauboh, Tubod, Kadasa, Samak, Bondang, Lagtoh, Dalih, Lower Laus, Buroh, Lubod, Tiggam, Lumping, and Lumban and 3 barangays of Patikul, Sulu, namely: Danag, Bungkaong, and Maligay.

After the realignment of forces of JTF-Sulu, this unit was tasked to assume IPSO responsibility in the whole Municipality of Talipao, and Brgy.  Danag of Patikul, effective 04 June 2016.

On 15 July 2016, LTC RHENANTE M SALVADOR INF (GSC) PA assumed command of the unit. Under his leadership, the Battalion conducted series of Focused Military Operations in the Patikul and Talipao, all of Sulu area that resulted the discovery of Four (4) enemy encampment/harboring area, one (1) encounter at vicinity 51NTG 889672 So Kan–Kapia, Brgy Danag, Patikul, Sulu and recovery of an disassembled spare parts of M16 rifle particularly two (2) upper receiver of M16 rifle, three (3) M16 ammo pouch, one (1) ICOM charger, three (3) combat boots, one (1) jungle hammock, one (1) lower BDA uniform and one (1) ASG vessel (Jungkong) that can accomodate MOL Fifty (50) persons at Sitio Don Mahala, Brgy Mabahay, Talipao, Sulu.

Simultaneously, the Battalion participated 1 Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) meeting; 3 Municipal Peace and Order Council (MPOC) meetings; and 3 Barangay Peace and Order Council (BPOC) meetings; Community Dialogues; Courtesy Calls; Camp Visits with a total of 116 stakeholders engagements.



Best in Operations (PA) 1982
Best in Administration (PA) 1983
Best in TRIAD Operations (6ID,PA) 2013




1. LTC WILFREDO S DUBLIN (GSC) PA 07 Jul – 16 Oct 77
2. MAJ FELIPE U CORLONCITO (INF) PA 16 Oct 77 – 01 Mar 78
4. LTC AGAPITO P DUQUE (INF) PA 30 Jun 78 – 01 Mar 79
5. MAJ VOLTAIRE T GAZMIN (INF) PA 01 Mar 79 – 21 Apr 80
6. LTC CLEOFAS ORDONIO (INF) PA 21 Apr  80 – 01 Apr 82
7. MAJ CATALINO A  AGDEPPA (INF) PA 01 Apr – 1 Jun 82
8. COL  AMADO F ISIDRO INF (GSC) PA 1 Jun 82 – 15 Jan 85
9. MAJ EDGAR PATTAUI (INF) PA 15  Jan – 16 Sep 85
10. LTC LEVY RAMIRO INF (GSC) PA 16 Sep – 23 Sep 85
11. LTC GREGORIO M ASUNCION INF (GSC) PA 23 Sep 85  – 01 Sep 86
12. LTC AGAPITO R PABLICO (INF) PA 01 Sep 86 – 17 Oct 87
13. COL ORLANDO CASTELLANO (INF) PA 17 Oct 87 – 07 Oct 88
14. MAJ ARTEMIO R CARIAGA (OS) PA 06 Oct 88 – 07 Sep 89
15. MAJ ROGELIO G ROSETE (INF) PA 07 Sep – 14 Oct 89
16. MAJ JUANITO S BUNTALES (INF) PA 14 Oct – 28 Dec 89
17. MAJ VOLUNTEER G JALLIGAO (INF) PA 28 Dec 89  – 01 Jul 90
18. LTC CIRILO L  BAUCAS (INF) PA 01 Jul – 16 Jul 90
19. LTC EMMANUEL  V  DE GUZMAN (INF) PA 16 Jul – 01 Oct 90
20. MAJ FELIPE R RABAGO (INF) PA 01 Oct – 16 Oct 90
21. LTC ELIAS G GALICIA (INF) PA 16 Oct 90 – 16 Apr 91
22. LTC VILLARUEL D DOTE (INF) PA 16 Apr – 02 May 91
23. LTC RICARDO G NOBLEZA INF (GSC) PA 02 May – 02 Aug 91
24. MAJ MARCELINO P GACUTAN (INF) PA 02 Aug 91 – 15 Jan 92
25. LTC RICARDO G NOBLEZA INF (GSC) PA 15 Jan 91 – 15 May 93
26. LTC LENO A GAMONNAC (GSC) PA  15 May 93 – 15 Nov 94
27. LTC RUDY T GULIGADO INF (GSC) PA 15 Nov 94 – 15 Jan 95
28. MAJ RICARDO M BELARMINO (CAV) PA 15 Jan 95 – 16 Jan 96
29. LTC HILARIO A ATENDIDO INF (GSC) PA 16 Jan 96 – 16 Jan 97
30. LTC ERNESTO D TAYAMEN Sr INF (GSC) PA 16 Jan – 18 Jun 97
31. LTC EDUARDO S PINSON (INF) PA – OIC 18 Jun 97 – 04 Jul 97
32. MAJ MARLOU L SALAZAR (INF) PA 4 Jul 97 – 01 Feb 99
33. LTC DANTE G TALIÑO INF (GSC) PA 01 Feb 99 – 16 Apr 01
34. COL  LEVY  F  ZAMORA  INF (GSC) PA  16 Apr 01 – 01 Jun 02
35. LTC LEONARDO M CAWALING FA (GSC) PA 01 Jun 02 – 21 Nov 03
36. COL CELSO M ARCILLA  INF  (GSC)  PA  21 Nov 03 – 01 Sep 04
37. LTC ARNULFO J MARCOS  INF  (GSC)  PA  01 Sep 04 – 01 Sep 05
38. LTC  EDDIE IRENEO D MANINGDING INF (GSC) PA  01 Sep 05 – 12 Jul 07
39. LTC ELIAS H ESCARCHA INF (GSC) PA 12 Jul 07 – 16 Nov 07
41. LTC GENEROSO M PONIO INF (GSC) PA 01 Jul 08 – 01 Jul 10
42. LTC MARVIN LICUDINE INF (GSC) PA 01 Jul 10 – 01 Jul 12
43. LTC FRANCISCO D MILLARE INF (GSC) PA 01 Jul 12 – 12 Jan 13
44. LTC DONALD P HONGITAN INF (GSC) PA 12 Jan 13 – 16 July 14
45. LTC ROMEO N BAUTISTA III INF (GSC) PA 16 July 14 – 15 July 16
46. LTC RHENANTE M SALVADOR INF (GSC) PA 15 July 16 to date