UNIT MISSION (as per TOE s.2012-2014):

            To provide Command, Control and Supervision on the tactical operations of the Brigade and attached units.

The Brigade Seal is depicted as a round shield that typifies protection against oppressors, aggressors and threats to the republic.  Super imposed is the 5th Infantry (STAR) Division, PA seal which indicates that the unit is organic to it.  Below the 5ID seal are green laurel branches and leaves which signify virtue, justice, knowledge and professionalism. The white colored background symbolizes purity of purpose, sincerity and loyalty to the people they serve.



 1) Vision: Professional, capable and responsive Liberators that is a source of national pride towards a stronger Philippine Republic.

2) Motto: “Doing common things uncommonly well”

3) Moniker – “LIBERATOR”


  1. ACTIVATION DATE – 16 April 1988 (General Orders 119, HPA dated 16 April 1988)


  • Headquarters 502IBDE, 5ID, PA is currently located at Camp Melchor F dela Cruz Annex, Brgy Soyung, Echague with the following provinces of Region 2 and Cordillera as its Area of Responsibility:


  • CAGAYAN (except Aparri, Buguey, Camalaniugan, Gonzaga, Lal-lo, Sta Ana & Sta Teresita)
  • Northern NUEVA VIZCAYA (Bagabag, Bambang, Bayombong, Diadi, Quezon & Solano)
  • Lower APAYAO (Calanasan, Flora, Luna, Pudtol & Sta Marcela)

 Following Army units are under the 502IBDE Command, Control and Supervision:



On 16 October 1972, the 5th Infantry Brigade (Separate) was organized as a major unit of the Philippine Army pursuant to General Orders Number 153, General Headquarters, Armed Forces of the Philippines with its station located at Camp Servillano Aquino, San Miguel, Tarlac City. BGEN MIGUEL VILLAMOR AFP was appointed as the Commanding General and the unit’s territorial jurisdiction covering the Provinces of Zambales, Bataan, Bulacan, Pampanga, and portion of Quezon – North of Umiray river.

On 15 May 1981, the 5th Infantry Brigade (Separate) was elevated to 5th Infantry Division.

On 16 April 1987, the 2nd Infantry Brigade (Provisional) of the 5th Infantry Division was organized Pursuant to General Orders Number 115, H5ID, PA dated 21 April 1987. Shortly after its activation, the Brigade was deactivated and its personnel and equipment were absorbed by the 3rd Infantry Brigade (Separate) and became the nucleus of the 7th Infantry Division.

Two (2) months later, the 2nd Infantry Brigade was reactivated Pursuant to General Orders Number 240, HPA dated 15 June 1987 with its personnel and equipment allocations were taken from the authorized troop ceiling of 5ID. 

On 16 April 1988, the 2nd Infantry Brigade was re-designated as the 502nd Infantry Brigade, 5th Infantry Division, Philippine Army Pursuant to General Orders 119, HPA dated 16 April 1988. The 502IBDE Headquarters was initially located at Brgy Linglingay, Gamu, Isabela on 27 September 1987 relieving-in-place the 65th Infantry Battalion. On 26 March 1988, the unit Headquarters was transferred at Brgy Villaros, Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya with then COLONEL LISANDRO C ABADIA as its Brigade Commander (The former Chief of Staff, AFP).

The AFP LOI “Lambat Bitag” begun on 16 September 1988. With this, 5ID effected the delineation of AOR of its three (3) Tactical Brigades:  501IBDE addressed the Provinces of Cagayan, Kalinga, Apayao, half of Northern Isabela and Eastern Section of Mt Province through OPLAN Pegasus; 502IBDE confronted the enemy forces in Ifugao, Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino and half of Southern Isabela through OPLAN “REDBUSTER IV” and OPLAN “REDBUSTER DELTA”; and 503IBDE covering the Provinces of Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur and Western section of Mt Province through OPLANs Banana and Bulldog.  Two (2) task forces were also organized:  TF “KIDLAT” which operated in the tri-boundaries of Cagayan, Kalinga and Isabela; and TF “AGUILA” which operated along the forested Regions of Eastern Cagayan-Isabela Complex.

In consonance with the implementation of the OPLAN “Redbuster” in 1988, the 502nd Infantry Brigade established its main Command Post in a strategic area of Brgy Villaros, Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya on 1988. It assumed Operational Control (OPCON) over the three (3) maneuver units:  the 48th Infantry Battalion covering the whole of Ifugao and southern part of Nueva Vizcaya, the 4th Scout Ranger Battalion (now 77th Infantry Battalion) covering the Jones-Echague-San Agustin area and other southern towns of Isabela, Eastern part of Nueva Vizcaya and the whole of Quirino and the 1st Scout Ranger Company addressing the enemy in San Mariano-Benito Soliven-Cauayan area of Isabela.

During the second year of OPLAN “Lambat-Bitag” on 1989, the Brigade was awarded the most coveted “AFP Best Tactical Brigade” for calendar year 1989 for its exemplary accomplishments. 

On 05 July 1991, the 5th Infantry Division formulated and launched OPLAN “LANSAGIN” purposely to conduct sustained general offensive in order to destroy the CPP/NPA/NDF armed elements and dismantle its political structure to attain strategic control over Cagayan Valley and part of Cordillera by 1992. After barely three (3) months, the 5ID revitalized its operational scheme and launched OPLAN “Lansagin Uno” which was took effect on 23 October 1991 with the objective to sustain offensive operations against priority guerilla fronts in order to dismantle the remaining enemy fronts and decisively defeat the main enemy force in the next four (4) months focusing on Marag, Paco and Zinundungan Valleys. Government operating troops were met with stiff dissident resistance resulting to heavy casualties and losses incurred on both sides.

With the enemy still capable of sowing terrorism within the Region, the 5ID launched OPLAN “Lansagin Dos” on 26 November 1991 to conduct aggressive, intensified and sustained ISO in its assigned AOR to destroy the enemy units (MRGUS, SRGUS, FGUS, DGUS) and neutralize their mass base supporters/sympathizers thus, attaining strategic control over Kalinga, Apayao and Zinundungan Valley. However, Marag Valley remains as center of the ISO campaign.

In line with 5ID OPLAN “Lansagin Dos”, the Brigade was directed to move and established its main command post at Brgy Alannay, Lasam, Cagayan on December 1991 purposely to clear the Zinundungan Valley and at the same time block the enemy spill-over from the Marag Valley.  Simultaneous conduct of combat, intelligence, civil military and territorial defense operations was relentlessly pursued without let-up, notwithstanding the heavy casualties and losses incurred by the government forces. Hence, the badly decimated first national battalion (FNB) of the enemy was retreated and dislodged from their traditional strongholds in Marag, Zinundungan and Paco Valleys of Cagayan; and Mabiga-Puguin-Daga-Banban complex of Conner, Apayao towards Isabela. It was during the clearing operations of the Zinundungan Valley when the Brigade inflicted heavy losses to the dissident terrorists during series of encounters thereby earned the moniker “LIBERATOR”.

With the “Liberator” Brigade as the main effort, the unit pursued the withdrawing enemy in Isabela and established its temporary base camp at Brgy Bacolod, San Pablo, Isabela on March 1993.

The campaign in Isabela was characterized by a decisive battle fought by the two (2) most engaged Battalions OPCON to the Brigade, the 21st Infantry Battalion and the 77th Infantry Battalion against the remnants of the FNB which was later on downgraded into company size unit dubbed as “Vergel Company”.

The two (2) most crucial encounters initiated by the Brigade were on the 1st quarter of 1993 when the composite troops composed of one (1) platoon, 21IB and Bravo Company, 5ID Provisional Battalion encountered more or less 100 DTs under FNB commander Alberto Valencia Aka Valor at Barangay Dicamay Uno, Jones on 260900 February 1993 resulted to the death of said DT Leader. Two (2) days after, the Alpha Company, 5ID Provisional Battalion which was on test mission, hit an active camp of the NLC/NELROC at Brgy Pasa, Ilagan, Isabela. The government forces were supported by heavy artillery fires positioned at Barangay Pasa, Ilagan, Isabela which was instrumental in the overrun of the said DT camp. These encounters marked the downfall of the CPP/NPA in Isabela. The defeat of the FNB and other successful campaigns of the Brigade earned its second “AFP Best Tactical Brigade” for calendar year 1993 having neutralized a total of 275 CPP/NPA members and seizure of more than 100 firearms.

With these setbacks, the Northern Luzon Committee (NLC) withdrew towards southeast direction and established its new camp at Sitio Cabuluan, Barangay Dibuluan, San Mariano, Isabela. The new camp was seated within the Ilagan-San Mariano boundary, accessible to Ilagan and small stream of San Mariano, Isabela. The enemy temporarily on lay low status wherein, violent and non-violent were dramatically declined.

The gains of the 502nd Bde in Isabela strengthened the Division’s claimed of strategic victory within its AOR. Thus, on 01 January 1994, 5ID again launched OPLAN “Lansagin Kuwatro” with the mission “to conduct consolidation and development in coordination with local government units (LGUs) and Non-Government Organization (NGOs) and continue security operations, to completely neutralize the enemy remnants and pave the way for the turn-over of ISO responsibility to the PNP by year-end 1994.

With the Kalinga Front Committee (KFC) as the primary target while implementing developmental programs in Marag valley and preserving the operational gains painstakingly attained in the whole of Cagayan Valley, the Division poured more troops in Kalinga that created more vacuum areas. Thus, the Northern Luzon Committee (NLC) hierarchy was given the opportunity to re-establish a new but highly fortified main based co-located with the NELRC/NELROC encampments in Brgy Pasa, Ilagan, Isabela with the FNB remnants in place as security.

 The establishment of NLC based in Ilagan was followed by a series of violent activities in Ilagan, San Mariano, San Guillermo, Maconacon, and Jones all of Isabela. This prompted 5ID to formulate OPLAN “Lansagin Tres” dated 07 May 1993 with the mission to continue security operations to destroy and/or neutralize the remnants of the guerilla forces of the NLC.

Following the OPLAN “Lansagin Kuwatro”, the Brigade returned to its previous main command post at Brgy Villaros, Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya on February 1994 before it moved to Brgy Balabal, Jones, Isabela on 30 May 1994.

From 1992 to 1996, the Brigade dismantled four (4) guerilla fronts and two (2) district committees of the CPP/NPA. On the implementation of special laws, the Brigade assisted the local DENR through “Task Force Likas Yaman,” which resulted to the seizure of numerous assorted logs.  Likewise, some 825,000 seedlings of marijuana were confiscated / uprooted in Ifugao Province. 

During the calendar year 1997, the 502Ibde actively implemented the “Balik-Baril” program of the government that resulted to the voluntary surrender of 44 communist terrorists.

Likewise, the first major success of the Brigade on the “KALIWAAN” policy of the “Balik-Baril” program was on 02 August 1997, when a rebel returnee led the joint elements of 21IB, 48IB and 19th MICO to an arm cache in the abandoned dissident terrorist camp at vicinity Sitio Cabuluan, Brgy Dibuluan, San Mariano, Isabela. The government forces recovered a total of fifty-one (51) HPFAs: (thirty-six (36) Cal 5.56mm M16 rifles; one (1) Cal 7.62mm M60 GPMG; five (5) AK- 47 rifles; one (1) Cal .30 LMG; four (4) Cal. 30 M1 Garand rifles and one (1) Cal. 30 bar)

Two (2) months after the successful recovery of arm cache at said sitio/barangay, operating troops of the 21IB together with the elements of ISG, 19th MICO and PNP San Mariano who are acting on information provided by a rebel returnee encountered more or less seven (7) Dissident Terrorists at vicinity Sitio Cabuluan, Brgy Dibuluan, San Mariano, Isabela. On 291000 Oct 1997, when troops scoured the vicinity after the enemy withdrew, they uncovered an arms cache that contained sixty (60) HPFAs: (twenty-nine (29) Cal 7.62mm M14 rifles; nineteen (19) Cal .30 M1 Garand rifles; eleven (11) Cal .30 M1 carbine; one (1) gauge 12 shotgun; and one (1) M16 barrel)

From 1998 to 1999, the Brigade initiated 17 tactical engagements with the enemy, discovered/seized nine (9) dissident terrorists’ camps/caches, recovered 86 high powered firearms and 32 low powered firearms and neutralized 64 dissidents’ terrorists’ personalities in the CPP/NPA hierarchy.

 With the transfer of units of the 7th Infantry Division to CARAGA Region and Davao on 01 June 2000, the 5ID AOR was expanded and took over the areas vacated by the 7th infantry Division particularly Ilocos and Cordillera Regions.  Pursuant to Fragmentary Order 02-00 to 5ID Campaign Plan 01-00 “North Star,” the Brigade assumed ISO responsibility over all barangays of Caranglan, Nueva Ecija effective 24 December 2000. 

From 2001 to 2007, the 502IBDE neutralized 136 NPA members (96 killed, 56 captured and 84 surrendered), 107 high powered and 14 low powered firearms recovered, 46 enemy camps, one (1) arm cache and three (3) underground houses discovered/seized. On the clearing of seventy-two (72) affected barangays, 89 regular members, 756 party members, 1,753 mass activists, 4,437 supporters/sympathizers surrendered. On the anti-logging campaign, 77 operations resulted to the confiscation of 199,542 assorted lumber. On anti-drug campaign, the unit discovered/seized four (4) marijuana plantations and 10 hectares of fully grown marijuana plants were uprooted.  

From last quarter of 2007 up to 2009, the Brigade dismantled the southern front of the Cagayan Valley Regional Committee operating in the Province of Quirino and JESSA Complex in Isabela. For these achievements, the Northern Luzon Command awarded a command plaque to the 502nd Infantry Brigade. 

In January 2010, the 45th Infantry Battalion was redeployed in Mindanao hence; the Brigade Headquarters was transferred to Zone 1, San Mariano, Isabela to occupy the vacated Headquarters of 45IB while Task Force “Liberator” was activated as the temporary replacement of 45IB and assumed responsibility over the Provinces of Isabela and Quirino. 

 In August 2010, the 86IB, a newly organized Infantry Battalion, was placed OPCON to 502IBDE with its Headquarters at Sitio Ibulao, Barangay Baguinge, Kiangan, Ifugao and assumed responsibilities over ifugao Province and nine (9) northern municipalities of Nueva Vizcaya namely: Kayapa, Bayombong, Bambang, Solano, Quezon, Ambaguio, Villaverde, Bagabag, and Diadi.

In year 2011, the Brigade with its OPCON units had launched extensive security operations to subdue remnants of communist terrorists within its area of responsibility. Summing up the ground operational activities during the period, the Brigade with its OPCON units has conducted a total of 1,026 security operations, broken down as follows: four (4) Brigade directed operations 15 Battalion size operations and 1,007 Platoon and small size operations. During that time, nine (9) government initiated engagements were recorded and the recovery of six (6) assorted high and low powered firearms, and the neutralization of thirteen (13) CTs.

In the middle of 2012, due to the realignment of boundaries, Ifugao Province was handed-over to 501st Brigade while Quirino Province was assumed by 7ID, PA. 86th Infantry Battalion then moved from Ifugao to Isabela with its Headquarters at Sitio Balabal, Brgy Uno, Jones, Isabela and assumed responsibilities over Isabela Province and retain the Northern Nueva Vizcaya as its area of operations.

On 30 July 2012, the Brigade Headquarters was transferred from Zone 1, San Mariano, Isabela to Camp Melchor F dela Cruz (Annex), Brgy Soyung, Echague, Isabela and subsequently, the Task Force “Liberator” was deactivated.

During the calendar year 2013, the Brigade implemented Frag-O 02 of its Campaign Plan “Timpuyog 3” wherein it conducted 15 Brigade directed operations, 49 Battalion initiated operations, 17 company size supported operations 1,655 platoon size supported operations and 5,063 small unit operations.  These operations resulted to twelve (12) government tactical engagements, ten (10) enemy killed, twelve (12) arrested/captured and seventeen (17) voluntarily surrendered.  Likewise, seven (7) high-powered and

 three (3) low-powered firearms recovered seven (7) on lay low status and one (1) AWOL based on the revelations of surrendered CTs. Moreover, 14 enemy encampments were seized by the operating troops.  on BTA, 10 school building projects funded by the ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya Incorporated (ASKFI) were completed in the Brigade’s AOR through the 502BDE, 513ECB, 86IB, 5PED and 5CMO Bn. The unit also implemented the government’s anti-illegal logging campaign that resulted to the confiscation of 121,254 board feet of assorted illegally cut lumber. The unit also participated in various stakeholders’ engagement such as: tree planting, medical mission, meetings/conferences and symposia. During this year, the 502IBDE was adjudged as Best Brigade of 5ID for two (2) consecutive quarters.

On 28 September 2014, Headquarters 5th Infantry Division issued Frag-O 15-14 to 5ID CAMPLAN “Tin-nulong” and released its operational control to 501BDE, 21IB & 41IB for re-deployment in Mindanao. Hence, realignment of left behind forces was done between the 502IBDE and 503IBDE. 502IBDE assumed responsibility over Cagayan, Apayao & Isabela except the municipality of Dinapigue which is under the 7ID while 503BDE assumed responsibility over the rest of cordillera Provinces. The release of 21IB (OPCON) from 502IBDE was replaced by the 17IB with its area of operations covering the Provinces of Cagayan and Apayao.

With these changes, 502BDE adjusted its operational tempo with an expanded AOR and remained as the 5ID Main Effort for the rest of calendar year 2014 up to the 3rd Quarter of CY 2015. During the 4th Quarter 2015, 502IBDE through 86IB assumed responsibility over Quirino Province and Dinapigue, Isabela from the 703IBDE, 7ID wherein, said Province is an expansion area of SPP GANI, KR-HSL.

For Calendar Year 2016, to continue defeating the armed threat groups and clearing the CNN affected barangays, NOLCOM and 5ID made some adjustments on its Campaign Plan and implemented the “BAYANIHAN NOLCOM II-K” and 5ID CAMPLAN “BAYANIHAN-STAR ALPHA” with the intent of realigning its Internal Peace and Security Operations (IPSO) strategies and approaches suitable with the current situation in the Area of Responsibility.

In line with this situation, the Brigade formulated this CAMPLAN “BAYANIHAN-LIBERATOR-II” in support to the higher units’ New Campaign Plans with an expanded area of operations from the Provinces of Cagayan, Isabela, Apayao, and the Province of Quirino which was previously under the 703BDE, 7ID, PA. 

During the period, the 2016 National and Local Elections was conducted on May 2016 wherein, the 502IBDE, Police Regional Office 2 and Apayao PPO were deputized by the COMELEC. With this, through the JPSCC, series of joint AFP-PNP combat and security operations especially to Election Watch list of Areas (Election Hot Spots) were conducted prior, during and after the election to preempt/deter any threat group and PAGs in conducting violent atrocities.  These operations resulted to the apprehension of three (3) PAGs, recovery of two (2) low powered and six (6) high powered firearms, and four (4) IEDs.        

In the hope of attaining lasting peace with the CNN through peace talks, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte declared ceasefire to pave way the peace negotiations with the CNN that lasted for six (6) months starting August wherein, during this period, the enemy took advantage on it by intensifying their IPO works.  They implemented their new strategy dubbed as 5R schemes (Recruitment, Reorganization, Retraining, Revolutionary Taxation and Re-arming). Hence, the enemy strength has increased during the period.   

During the 4th Quarter, the Brigade’s AOR was struck by three (3) successive strong Typhoons: ‘”KAREN”, “FERDIE” and the Super Typhoon “LAWIN” on October 2016 that resulted to the considerable loss of lives, devastation of properties, infrastructures, crops and livestock in the Region. Prior, during and after these typhoons, the Brigade extended various assistance to the victims of said typhoons with thirty-five (35) preemptive/forced evacuation, fifty (50) rescue operations, forty-four (44) relief operations, 129 transportation assistance, two (2) Search and Retrieval Operations, and forty-two (42) clearing operations conducted. These HADR operations had save the lives of about 4,603 families with 31,211 individuals.

During the implementation of the unit’s Campaign, the Brigade conducted a total of 3,688 Focused Military Operations ranging from Brigade down to Small Unit Operations that resulted to four (4) government initiated engagement, captured of one (1) NPA, four (4) enemy voluntary surrendered, four (4) enemy encampment seized and a total of twenty-two (22) threatened barangays were also completed and cleared. Further, the Brigade actively supported the PNP and other Law Enforcement Agencies particularly on Drugs, Criminality, Anti-Illegal Logging Campaign, Environmental Protection and Terrorism that resulted to the serving six (6) Search Warrant with four (4) cases filed in court, confiscation of 28,862 bd ft of assorted illegaly-cut lumber, and the planting of 35,862 fruit bearing & non-fruit bearing trees.

Further, various CMO activities were also accomplished with a total of 2,863 on Civil Affairs Activities, 4,279 on Public Affairs, and 2,480 on Information Support Affairs in support to the relentless Focused Military Operations of the Brigade.

During the CY 2017, the Northern Luzon Command (NOLCOM) through its CAMPLAN “NOLCOM 3K” has organized the Joint Task Force “TALA”, with 5ID as its core.  In line with this situation, JTF “TALA” issued its OPLAN “TALA” to CAMPLAN “NOLCOM 3K”. Hence, the Brigade subsequently formulated its IMPLAN “KAPAYAPAAN-LIBERATOR” in line with the higher units’ New Campaign Plans with the Brigade’s AOR covering the Provinces of Cagayan, Isabela, Quirino, the six (6) Northern municipalities of Nueva Vizcaya namely: Bagabag, Bambang, Bayombong, Diadi, Quezon, and Solano all of Region 2, and the five (5) lower municipalities of Apayao namely: Calanasan, Flora, Luna, Pudtol and Santa Marcela. 

During this period, the Brigade still confronting the Komiteng Rehiyon-Cagayan Valley (KR-CV) (formerly KR-HSL – Komiteng Rehiyon-Hilagang Silangang Luzon) under Evangeline Rapanut @CHAT which covers the whole provinces of Cagayan, Isabela, and Quirino; the five (5) municipalities of Apayao namely: Luna, Flora, Calanasan, Pudtol and Sta Marcela; and the municipalities of Dupax del Norte, Dupax del Sur, Alfonso Castaneda and Kasibu all of Nueva Vizcaya. It is composed of four (4) Guerilla Fronts namely: the Northern Front, Central Front, Southern Front and the newly re-activated Komiteng Larangan Guerilya Quirino-Nueva Vizcaya (KLG Q-NV). The KLG Q-NV was revealed as one (1) Guerilla Front through the recovered enemy subversive documents during an encounter at So Pulang Lupa, Brgy Disimungal, Quirino by the elements of 86IB against the CPP-NPA Terrorists in the area.

Right after the ceasefire ended on February 2017, the Brigade immediately launched its TRIAD operations that resulted to nine (9) government initiated tactical engagements; recovery and surrender of three (3) high powered and seven (7) low powered firearms. Moreover, several enemy personalities were neutralized: four (4) body count, nine (9) captured, and thirty-one (31) voluntarily surrendered. Further, ten (10) enemy encampment were seized and various IEDs, explosives, subversive documents with high intelligence value, and communication equipment were also recovered during the said operations.

One of the most significant accomplishments of the Brigade for CY 2017 was the apprehension and arrest of David Soriano Secretary of Northern Front, Komiteng Rehiyon – Cagayan Valley together with his driver Jude Cipriano by a Joint AFP-PNP Intelligence Operations. Prior to their arrest, they was then monitored in Eastern Cagayan attempting to celebrate their 48th Founding Anniversary in Baggao, Cagayan. However, the Brigade launch its operations thereat that resulted to their apprehension and arrest on 041740 May 2017 at Brgy Camasi, Peñablanca, Cagayan through the established checkpoint thereat. Likewise, following items were recovered in the possession of David Soriano: one (1) Glock pistol, one (1) 9mm pistol, Php 100,000.00 cash, US$1,888, eleven (11) pcs assorted cellphones, one (1) rifle grenade, one (1) hand grenade, one (1) wallet and several identification cards, and a Starex Van that he had utilized during the said apprehension.

During the conduct of Community Support Program (CSP – formerly BTA – Bayanigan Team Activities), fifteen (15) out of the twenty-two (22) programmed barangays for CY 2017.            

The conduct of various Civil Military Operations were also intensified all throughout the year with a total of 4,132 on Civil Affairs Activities, 2,507 on Public Affairs, and 3,602 on Information Support Affairs which are all in support to the sustained Focused Military Operations in the AOR. These were through the conduct Intensified Stakeholder Engagements to the different LGUs, Government and Non-government Agencies, CSOs, POs, Academe, Youth/Students, Media and the different sectors in the AOR that had built social pressure in addressing/resolving identified social issues.     

The Brigade also actively supported the Law Enforcement Operations of Police Regional Office 2 during the implementation of thirty-six (36) Anti-illegal Drugs buy bust operations that resulted to the arrest of thirty-seven (37) illegal drugs personalities and confiscation of numerous heat sealed of hydrochloride methamphetamine of locally known as “Shabu” and drug paraphernalia. A total of 5,800 board feet of illegally cut lumber were also apprehended/confiscated during the conduct of Anti-illegal Logging Campaign Operations in the Brigade’s AOR.   

From January to July 2018, there was no changes on the Brigade’s AOR while there is a changes on the enemy confronted wherein, the KLG Quirino-Nueva Vizcaya of KR-CV was formally recognized during the 1st Quarter 2018 JAPIC as one (1) Guerrilla Front operating in the Province of Quirino and the municipalities of Dupax del Norte, Dupax del Sur, Alfonso Castaneda & Kasibu all of Nueva Vizcaya. Moreover, the Brigade still confronts the KLG Ifugao of the Ilocos Cordillera Regional Committee that encroaches in the western part of Solano and Bagabag both of Nueva Vizcaya.

During the period covered, the JTF “TALA” released its FRAG O-04 of its OPORD 01-17 in line with HNOLCOM FRAG-O 3 to its CAMPLAN “3K” where COMNOLCOM intends “to facilitate the eventual defeat of the CTs in the AOR.” Hence, the Brigade also crafted its IMPLAN 01-18 aligned to the JTF plan wherein, the 502IBDE is the JTF Main Effort tasked to dismantle the two (2) Priority Guerilla Fronts namely: the Southern Front (Reinforced – Southern Front and KLG Q-NV combined) for 1st Semester 2018 covering Quirino Province, while the Northern Front is for the 2nd Semester 2018 covering the Province of Cagayan and Lower Apayao.

The Sustained and Focused Military Operations in the unit’s AOR composed on four (4) Brigade Operations, thirty-nine (39) Battalion Operations, and eight (8) Company Operations that resulted to thirteen (13) government initiated engagements, three (3) body count, seven (7) enemy personalities captured/apprehended with the recovered eleven (11) high-powered firearms and seven (7) low powered firearms.  Most of these firearms are through the recovery of three (3) arm caches by the joint elements of 86IB, MIG2 and Quirino PPO during the conduct of Joint AFP-PNP operations in the municipalities of Nagtipunan and Maddela both of Quirino.

During the 1st Semester 2018, the Brigade supported the intelligence operations targeting enemy High Value Targets on 24 January 2018 that operates in the region that resulted to the neutralization of the CO of the Regional Operational Command of KR-CV, Victorio Tesorio @ Dodong/Dado/Rico; and the CO of Danilo Ben Command, Operational Command of West Committee, Northern Front  Lolito Raza @ Lanlan/Troy/Ched that operates in Region 2 through a joint and coordinated intelligence operations by the joint elements of AFP intelligence units with the support of Tarlac PPO at Barangay San Miguel, San Manuel, Tarlac City. The operations also resulted to the recovery of firearms, explosives; subversive documents, laptop, external drive, and USBs with high intelligence value.

Moreover, through the conduct of Community Based Dialogues the Brigade through its OPCON Units was able to induced the voluntary surrender of ten (10) CNT Regulars with one (1) LPFA, nineteen (19) Militia ng Bayan personalities with one (1) HPFA and four (4) LPFAs, and twenty (20) Mass Base Supporters.

From 1988 to date, the 502IBDE with its series of military campaigns in Northern Luzon was once instrumental for the downgrading of the NPAs First National Battalion and subsequently reduced the enemy strength within its AOR.

For 30 years of internal security operations and serving the people in the Region, the 502nd Infantry Brigade will continue to perform its mandate to ensure security, contribute to development and sustain peace in its area of responsibility. To date, the unit has remained committed and dynamic crusaders of being professional, capable and responsive LIBERATOR Troopers that is a source of national pride.



            The Lineage of Commanders of 502IBDE from 1987 to date is as follows: 

COL ADORABLE V PAGUYO INF (GSC) PA 16 April 1987 22 June 1987
COL LEONARDO A MENDOZA INF (GSC) PA 22 June 1987 26 January 1988
BGEN LIZANDRO C ABADIA AFP 26 January 1988 26 March 1988 
BGEN HOMER C CAPULONG AFP 26 March 1988 15 May 1990
COL RAFAEL M MANIAGO INF (GSC) PA 15 May 1990 26 September 1991
BGEN RODOLFO G GARCIA AFP 26 September 1991 26 November 1991
COL ARTEMIO T ALEGADO INF (GSC) PA (OIC) 26 November 1991 18 January 1992
BGEN JOSE S LACHICA AFP 18 January 1992 19 April 1996
BGEN VIRGILIO G TOTANES AFP 19 April 1996 03 February 2000
COL JOSEFINO B MANAYAO INF (GSC) PA 03 February 2000 27 June 2000
COL CARLITO F GAMIT INF (GSC) PA (OIC) 27 June 2000 01 August 2000 
BGEN ERICSON C AURELIO AFP 01 August 2000 16 September 2003
COL ROGELIO G ROSETE INF (GSC) PA 16 September 2003 16 January 2004
BGEN NAPOLEON B MALANA AFP 16 January 2004 22 October 2005
COL HILARIO A ATENDIDO AFP    22 October 2005 03 October 2006
BGEN VICTOR A FELIX AFP 03 October 2006 03 September 2008
BGEN ROMEO F FAJARDO AFP    11 September 2008 10 January 2010
COL ARNULFO J MARCOS AFP 10 January 2010 30 March 2012
COL SANNY L GADOT INF (GSC) PA 30 March 2012 01 October 2012
COL EDUARDO L COLLADO INF (GSC) PA 01 October 2012  30 November 2012
BGEN ARNULFO J MARCOS AFP (GOIC)            30 November 2012 11 January 2013
BGEN INOCENCIO M MAYANGAO AFP 11 January 2013 08 September 2014
COL REYNALDO H LABANEN INF (GSC) PA 08 September 2014 12 July 2015
COL EDGAR L LABITORIA (ACTING) 13 July 2015 02 September 2015
BGEN JAMES V JACOB AFP 02 September 2015 24 October 2016