Unit Seal and Description/Symbolism (NHCP approved of available)

  • The number 50 symbolizes its designation as 50th Infantry Battalion (THE DEFENDER) as an organic maneuvering Battalion of the 5th Infantry Division, PA.
  • The tri-bulant edge shield insignia symbolizes the Battalion role as DEFENDER of the Country’s Democratic Institutions and Protector of the People.
  • The upper Red background signifies the Bravery and Intrepidity of its fighting men in accomplishing the assigned mission, which is in fact a Sacred Duty.
  • The Gold emblazoned in the center straddling from slight down the left portion upward symbolizes unstinted Loyalty, Integrity and sterling qualities and traits of the Officers and Men serving with the Battalion.
  • The lower Blue brings Happiness, Unity and Love for the Country.
  • Above all, the Gold Laurel Leaves signify the Unit’s ultimate goal, peace and stability for the Country.



The 50th Infantry “ Defender “ Battalion was activated and constituted in July 1984 pursuant to Section II, General Order Number 188, Headquarters 5th Infantry Division, PA dated 12 July 1984. LIEUTENANT COLONEL FERNANDO Z FRANCISCO 0-5811 (INF) PA was designated as its first acting Commanding Officer.

Upon its activation, the officers and NCOs had undergone a seminar from 18 to 21 July after which a unit training was formally started on 23 July at the Jungle Base, Inararo, Porac, Pampanga. To test the capability of the Battalion command post exercise was conducted from 29 July – 03 August 1984. After the Battalion Command Exercise the unit has undergone Training on Counter Urban Terrorist Operation from 03-15 September 1984.

On 02 August – 09 November 1989, after four (4) years of stint in counter insurgency operations in Ilocos Region, Alfa Company under CAPT BIBIT was directed to undergo Rifle Company Training Course at 5ID, PA at Upi, Gamu, Isabela to upgrade the training skills of individual personnel.

At present, the unit is continuously molding its personnel to develop the specialized skills to adopt themselves in the prevailing situation on counter insurgency campaign that the unit is being undertaken. Likewise sending of personnel Army schools to cope up the trend of being modernized Armed Forces.

At present, the 50th Infantry Battalion Philippine Army now embarks on the economic development through the delivery of basic Services and Livelihood Training to the insurgency affected barangays in accordance with the National Internal Security Plan through coordination with the Local Government units, Government Agencies and other people organization to address the root cause of insurgency which are poverty, ignorance and injustice.

On 02 October 1984, the 50th Infantry Battalion, 5th Infantry Division, PA had moved from Camp Aquino, Tarlac to Ilocos Norte taking the northern municipalities of the Ilocos Norte, Northwestern Municipalities of Cagayan and Calanasan of Kalinga Apayao as its AOR to suppress the rising insurgency problem in the area. It’s Battalion Headquarters was situated then at Brgy Saud, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte; with Alfa Company located at Adams, Ilocos Norte; Bravo Company at town proper of Calanasan, Kalinga-Apayao; and Charlie Company Headquarters at Tamdagan, Vintar, Ilocos Norte.

On 01 December 1985, the Battalion Headquarters transferred to the military reservation in brgy Bobon, Burgos, Ilocos Norte and on 01 January 1987, the battalion Headquarters again transferred to sitio Bucana, Parparoroc, Vintar Ilocos Norte. Since at that time most of the line companies were concentrated near Vintar, to further address the DTs activities in Surong Valley, Vintar, Ilocos Norte.

For almost a year stint in Vintar, the Battalion Headquarters was again transferred to the municipality of Dumalneg, Ilocos Norte on 03 December 1987 due to rising DTs activities at the northern town of Ilocos Norte and further transferred to Barangay Maang-angri, Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte on 19 December 1988 for better command and control to its line companies. After a period of six (6) months the Battalion Headquarters again transferred at Brgy Sulvec, Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte on 04 July 1989.

On 23 April 1991, with the alarming increase in number and atrocities of the CPP/NPA in the northwestern part of Cagayan and in the Apayao region particularly the campaign of the National Government to clear Marag Valley, Luna, Kalinga-Apayao where the Bn Hqs motored from its former station to its new AOR and established the Bn Hqs at brgy Capagaypayan, Luna, Kalinga-Apayao. The Bn engaged in an intense campaign against the CPP/NPA/NDF that its three line companies were all situated in the mountainous area of Marag Valley alone. The unit then was instrumental in the recovery of Marag from the communist. It has sacrificed many lives and endures the controversies proliferated by the media and the NDF during the Marag campaign. On the other hand, its personnel also learned the gain of psychological operation in that campaign. Through TRIAD concept of operations, intelligence, and civil-military operation the unit was able to wrest control over the whole of Marag Valley and successfully implemented the strategy of “ LAMBAT BITAG “ employing the quadratic concept of clear, hold, consolidate and develop.

The enemy vanished in Marag Valley and its surrounding areas. Because of this, Charlie Company extended its AOR covering Pamplona, Cagayan in later part of 1992. On 01 January 1993, Bravo Company left Marag Valley and occupied Nueva, Sta Marcela, covering the municipalities of Sta Marcela and Flora all of Apayao.

Development became very eminent due to absence of insurgency related incidents. Because of this, the unit extended its AOR prompting Bravo Company to occupy the Nortwest Cagayan area on 20 January 1994 establishing command post in Magdalena, Claveria, Cagayan. It was in the same day that Charlie Company left Pamplona and occupied Sta. Marcela, and Flora all of Apayao with its CP in Malubibit, Flora and later transferred to Guinto, Flora. Alpha Company likewise relocated its CP at Taggat Sur, Claveria, Cagayan, while Bravo Company returned back to Marag Valley on the same date with its CP at Bucao, Marag valley, Luna, Apayao.

On 17July 1997, Charlie Company extended its AOR in Cagayan relocating its CP from Guinto, Flora, Apayao to Allanay, Lasam, Cagayan.

With difficulties of controlling the MSR and with no enemy to confront at Marag Valley, Bravo Company occupied the former Bn Hqs at brgy Capagaypayan, Luna, Apayao and the Bn subsequently established its headquarters at Nararagan, Ballesteros, Cagayan on March 1999.

However. due to alarming increase of DTs activities in Ilocos Norte. The unit AOR extended to Ilocos Norte that prompted the relocation of Charlie Company in the said area on 22 April 1999 with its CP located in Bomitog, Banna, Ilocos Norte. With the directive to undergo retraining and due to extension of its AOR the Bn Hqs was again transferred to Taggat Sur, Claveria, Cagayan on November 1999 with Alpha Coy at Brgy Bomitog, Banna, Ilocos Norte; Bravo Coy at Brgy Napu, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur; and Charlie Coy at its former headquarters at Brgy Nararagan, Ballesteros, Cagayan.

In compliance with H5ID FRAG-O 08-01 dated 02 JULY 2001 the 50TH INF BN relinquished its ISO responsibility over the northwestern portion of Cagayan and lower Apayao to 41ST INFANTRY BATTALION but extended its ISO jurisdiction over the 2ND district of Ilocos Sur and La Union. From 15 April 2002, Battalion Headquarters transferred to Brgy Guimod Norte, San Juan, Ilocos Sur with our line companies situated in the following areas; Alfa Company at Brgy. Sta Cruz, Currimao, Ilocos Norte; Bravo Company at Brgy. Cabugao, Suyo, Ilocos Sur; and Charlie Company at Brgy. Cabaruan, San Emlio, Ilocos Sur. From 02 June 2009, Bn Headquarters transferred to Sitio, Tubo, Brgy Sapid, Mankayan, Benguet with our line companies situated in the following areas: Alpha Coy at Sulvec Narvacan, Ilocos, Bravo Coy at Sitio Tubo, Brgy Sapid, Mankayan, Benguet and Charlie Coy at brgy Lamag, Quirino, Ilocos Sur.

From 26 January 2010, the Battalion Headquarters transferred at San Ramon, Manabo, Abra with our line companies situated in the following areas: Alpha Company at Galimuyod, Ilocos Sur, Bravo Company at Mankayan, Benguet, and the Charlie Company conducted MBO at Besao and Tadian,all of Mt Province.

From 31 August 2010, the Battalion Headquarters transferred at brgy Rosario,, Cervantes, Ilocos Sur with our line companies situated in the following areas: Alpha Company at Narvacan, Ilocos Sur: Bravo Company at Mankayan, Benguet and the Charlie Company is “CENTURION” And from 14 January 2011, the Battalion Headquarters transferred at San Ramon, Manabo, Abra. The Alpha Company conducted “Bayanihan” at the barangays of Sallapadan whlle the Bravo Company conducted “Bayanihan” at the barangays of Bocloc and Daguioman, And the Charlie Company is the “CENTURION” of the Battalion.

During the unit’s stay in the northern most of Ilocos Norte, it was a remarkable period of the unit history because many lives were sacrificed, only to answer the call of duty, and its mission to uproot and suppress the fast growing insurgency problem in the area. For the numerous challenges, sustained combat operation and was able to address and neutralize the growing number of DTs into small splinter group prior to its movement from the area.

For the period of six (6) years in the area, the unit registered and participated in several operations with eighty four (84) government initiated encounters and twenty seven (27) raids/ambushed initiated by the enemy that resulted to thirty seven (37) KIA and sixty five (65) WIA on the government side while one hundred twenty three (123) killed (16-BC) and wounding of one hundred eighty four (184) on the enemy side, with a kill ratio of 1:4.39 in our favor. Likewise, we have captured/apprehended one hundred thirty two (132) DT regular/SMAs sympathizers, voluntary surrender of four (4) DT regulars, and one thousand one hundred sixteen (1:1.16) SMAs/sympathizers.

From the above-mentioned operations and armed confrontations, the unit received/gained seventy two (72) HPFAs of different calibers, nine (9) assorted LPFAs, war materials and subversive documents of high intelligence value while the unit lost Twenty Eight (28) HPFAs of different calibers, ammunition, military equipments and supplies, with firearms exchange ratio of 1:2.57 in our favor.

For the period of ten (10) years and three (3) months of stay in the former AOR in Cagayan and Apayao area, the unit successfully decimated the rising insurgency problem particularly the national and internationally known Marag Valley in Luna, Apayao considered as the first National Battalion of CPP/NPA under the umbrella of Far North Luzon – Regional party Committee (FNL-RPC). The 50th Infantry Battalion had participated in five (5) Division directed operations, Twenty three (23) Bde directed operations, and one hundred eight (108) Battalion initiated operations, twelve thousand four Hundred eleven (12,411) Company/Platoon/Small unit operations and patrols.

In the above-mentioned operations, we initiated one hundred nine (109) armed encounters while the unit sustained four (4) ambushes and eight (8)-harassment initiated by the enemy.

As a result, there were twenty two (22) KIA and forty one (41) WIA on the government side as against one hundred fifty nine (159) killed (17-BC) and two hundred four (204) estimated wounded on the enemy side with kill ratio of 1:12.23, again in our favor. Fifteen (15) captured DT regulars, three (3) apprehended SMAs and voluntary surrender of forty one (41) DT regulars and one hundred sixty six (166) SMAs.

Additionally, the unit gained ninety nine (99) HPFAs, thirty seven (37) LPFAs, one hundred thirty four (134) anti-personnel/clamor mines, seventeen (17) land mines (improvised) nineteen (19) anti tank/Veh mines, three rifle grenades, seven (7) 60mm mortal shell, assorted ammos and several war materials, while the unit lost fourteen (14) HPFAs (14-M16) with attached three (3) M203 exchange ratio of 1:4 in our favor.

On the other hand, the awards and decorations received by the unit through its numerous undertakings are sixty nine (69) Wounded Personnel Medals, one thousand seven hundred twenty four(1,724) Military Commendation Medals, four hundred fifty eighty (458) Military Merit Medals with spearhead devices, ninety (90) Military Merit Medal (posthumous) and one hundred ninety two (192) Military Merit Medals with bronze Anahaw leaf for the exemplary performance of duties and commendations given to the officers and men who have exemplified in the performance of their assigned task.

In the continuance of counter insurgency operation, the 50th Infantry Battalion, 5th Infantry Division, PA under the leadership of LTC ROBERTO T ALMADIN then Commanding Officer, has significantly made a remarkable achievement in neutralizing the CPP/NPA aspiration of recovering its lost mass base in our AOR thru TRIAD concept of operation. The battalion recovered (13) HPFA, (12) LPFA from the enemy and work for the surrender of the nine (9) DTs. The continued exploitation of intelligence information and untiring CMO resulted to affirmative gains of the Battalion and the tremendous setback to the CPP/NPA organizational structure.

With the implementation of the 5th Infantry Division Campaign Plan “North Star”; this unit conducted forty three (43) battalion operations, one hundred company operations and two thousand four hundred seventy seven (2,477) small unit operations conducted during the period.

This unit’s accomplishment particularly during the period from 2nd Qtr CY 2002 to 1ST Qtr CY 2003 the unit had received the most coveted award having been adjudged as Best Battalion for CY 2002. Notwithstanding with this award, The unit was also adjudged as Best TRIAD Operations while our “A” Company has emerged as best Riffle Company and our very own Personnel in the Person of SSg Dranciang was unanimously chosen as Best Enlisted Personnel of the year for his numerous accomplishment in combat operations for the period covered .

From 16 may 04 to 30 Sep 05 under the leadership of LTC FERNANDO J PASION JR FA (GSC) PA With the implementation of the IMPLAN PAGBUWAG “DOS” 05 this unit conducted ten (10) Battalion operations, thirty nine (39) company operations, three hundred eighty (380) platoon size operations and one thousand two hundred twenty six (1,226) small unit operations that resulted to nine (9) armed encounter, four (4) BC and the apprehension of four (4) CTs and recovery of nine (9) HPFAs with one attach M203. And finally the series of encounters (Battle of hill 1046) at Sitio Beew, Brgy Tub tuba, Tubo, Abra and the captured of ICRC main camp with an estimated of 5 hectares and the recovery of numerous CTs equipments, voluminous subversive documents and personal belongings. It is also resulted to 7 WIA of Military Personnel and indeterminacies & WIA of the enemy.

From 30 September 2005 to 04 July 2007 under the leadership of LTC HAROLD N CABREROS INF (GSC) PA in compliance with the Division campaign plan “BIG BROTHER” the unit participated one (1) Division-size operation, three (3) Bde directed operation, executed four (4) Bn operation, twenty eight (28) company-size operation and seven hundred forty seven (747) small unit combat/security operation that resulted to the series of encounter at AMPIS area and the previous encounter at 2ND District of Ilocos Sur.

From 04 July 2007 to 01 Dec 08 under the leadership of LTC ROY T DEVESA INF (GSC) PA in compliance with the Division campaign plan “NORTHERN SHIELD” the unit participated one (1) Division-size operation, two (2) Bde directed operation, executed five (5) Bn operation, twenty two (22) company-size operation and nine hundred seven (907) small unit combat/security operation that resulted to the series of encounter at AMPIS area and the previous encounter at 2ND District of Ilocos Norte and 2nd district of Ilocos Sur that resulted to the recovery of eight (8) HPFAs, one (1) LPFA, and the recovery of numerous CTs equipment’s, voluminous subversive documents and personal belongings. It is also resulted to three (3) KIA of Military Personnel and five (5) WIA while four (4) killed from the enemy.

From 01 Dec 08 to 01 Sept 09 under the leadership of LTC LEOUEL A SANTOS INF (GSC) PA during the period the Bn launched 3 Intel project, two (2) Division-size operation, one (1) Bde directed operation, executed four(4) Bn operation, fifty three (53) company-size operation and one thousand seven hundred thirty six (1,736) small unit combat/security operation, 2 SOTWA and 6 SOTRA operations which resulted to the establishment of 59 BIN, successfully infiltration of various CTM allied sectoral organizations, identification of local and international legal and underground CTM personalities and discovery of CTM national plan to sustain and heighten efforts bringing down the Ayo ministration in 2009. The successful conduct of peace rally Candon City on 11-14 jun 09. The exposure of white area organizations, neutralization of 5 ANAKBAYAN chapter and eviction of the cordillera peoples Alliance and KMU-Cordillera Labor Center provincial chapter from Mankayan, Benguet, discovery of 4 caches containing assorted ammo, explosive materials, voluminous subversive documents and disguise PNP and Army uniforms surrendered of former rebel, four CT KIA recovery of 2 M16 rifles and clearing of 11 unprogramed Brgys in Galimuyod, Ilocos Sur, 8 unprogrammed brgys in Quirino, Ilocos Sur and 4 unprogrammed Brgy in of Besao and Tadian, Mt Province.

From 01 Sep 09 to 16 Nov 10 under the leadership of LTC ROGELIO J MIGOTE INF (GSC) PA in compliance with the Division campaign plan “NORTHERN SHIELD” the unit participated three (3) Division-size operation, five (5) Bde directed operation, executed fourteen (14) Bn operation, nineteen (19) company-size operation and four thousand five hundred thirty four (4, 534) small unit combat/security operation that resulted to the series of encounter at 2nd district of Ilocos Sur that resulted to the recovery of three (3) HPFAs, two (2) LPFAs and the recovery of numerous CTs equipments, voluminous subversive documents and personal belongings. It is also resulted to one (1) KIA of Military Personnel and eight (8) WIA while one (1) killed from the enemy.

LTC EDMUND D TUBIERA INF (GSC) PA assumed as the Commanding Officer effective 12 September 2014 to date.