51st Division Reconnaissance Company




Red Hunter– The word is written/ printed in red color bordered with black color. The red symbolizes the bravery and black symbolizes the swiftness and toughness of the warrior hunting for the deviance.

Explosion– It is the background of the “51DRC” which means threat for the enemy. The unit reinforces and reacts like an explosion. They arrived unexpectedly in the vicinity leaving all enemies drop as they explode.
Arrow- The tail of the arrow represents the officers and men of the unit. The arrow symbolizes the determination of the warriors who fearlessly strike towards.

Lightning– It symbolizes the inevitable power and deadly of the unit that operates anywhere moving like a lightning and ruins the enemy as they strike.

Green color– The color represents the Philippine Army in which the 51st Division Reconnaissance “RED HUNTER” Company is part of it.

We Conquer Everywhere– The words are printed in gold on black color with red-outlined ribbon. The unit responds in any cases and time regardless of the geographical location and risk of lives. And always a remarkable effort and accomplishment in every assigned task.



The 5th Infantry Division Philippine Army is in need of quick reaction force in order to address the situation in the AOR in which the enemies are masters of deception hence the command organized a reconnaissance unit to counter them. Pursuant to General Order Number 499, H5ID, the 5th Reconnaissance Company of the 5th Infantry, Division was activated effective 11 November 1998 with a prescribed ceiling of five (5) Officer and one hundred thirteen (113) enlisted personnel in Armed Forces of the Phil table of organization and equipment, dated 15 February 1996 eighty personnel was source from the division. In 1998 candidate soldier quota that form the bulk of the company while thirty (33) personnel was generated from the Disaster Reaction Task Group (DRTG), formerly Rapid Deployment Force of the Division.

On 01 June 2000 the numerical designation of 5th Recon Company was terminated to re-designate as 51st Reconnaissance Company, 5th Infantry Division, Philippine Army pursuant to General Order number 211, H5ID dated 22 May 2000.

The unit is envisioned to function the following tasks: conduct detailed ground reconnaissance and surveillance within the front, flank and rear of the unit which it was assigned or attached conduct security and screening operation; engaged in offensive, defensive and delaying operation as required; conduct independent operations when properly reinforce; assist in the movement control of divisional and non-divisional unit within and through the division’s area of operation; assist in counter mobility preparation of the main battle area (MBA) in support of the division commander’s scheme of maneuver conduct long range patrol; operates in all types of local weather, and terrain.



CPT ANTHONY  FELIPE G  DERLA (INF) PA 01 June 99 to 02 Feb 01
CPT DONATO P PASICULAN (INF) PA  03 Feb 01 to 01 Feb 02
CPT EDUARDO V MADICLUM (INF) PA  15 Feb 02 to 01 Feb 05
1LT  DENNIS F CONTRERAS  (INF) PA 01 Mar 05 to 01 May 07
1LT  ROLANDO T GRANADOS (INF) PA 01 May 07 to 03 May 09 
1LT  RENE V ARANDILLA  (INF) PA 03 May 09 to 30 May 11 
1LT  VINCENT S CAVANAS  (INF) PA   01 June 11  to 03 March 13
1LT AMER B NARA JR (INF) PA  04 March 13 to 01 April 15
CPT JIMSON P TALAMAYAN (INF) PA  01 April 15 to 15 Dec 15 
1LT JOHN MICHAEL SL JAMERO (QMS) PA  16 Dec 15 to date