52nd Division Reconnaissance Company

52nd Division Reconnaissance Company



 The 52nd Division Reconnaissance Company, 5ID, PA was activated on 01 June 2000 pursuant to GO # 212 H5ID dated 22 May 2000 with the prescribe ceiling of two (2) Officers and eighty (80) Enlisted Men based on the Philippine Army Annual Operating Program (AOP) CY 00. It was initially filled-up by the newly graduated Candidate Soldiers, a number of personnel from 51st Recon Company and over filled up Post Units of 5th Division Headquarters. Its AOR (Area of Responsibility) would be of the Infantry Brigades where it was placed OPCON (Operational Control). Its mission was to provide security and perform reconnaissance for the Division or to the unit which it was assigned or attached and to engage in offensive, delaying and economy of force operations as required. The 52nd Recon Company was tasked to; (1) conduct detailed ground reconnaissance and surveillance within the front, flank and rear of the unit which it was assigned or attached (2) conduct security and screening operations (3) engage in offensive, defensive and delaying operation as required (4) conduct independent operations when properly reinforced 5) assist in the movement control of divisional and non-divisional units within and through the Division AOR (5) assist in the counter mobility preparation of Main Battle Area (MBA) and support the Division Commander’s scheme of maneuver (6) conduct long range patrol  and (7) operates in all types of local weather and terrain. 

Upon activation, 52nd Division Reconnaissance Company was placed under OPCON to OG3, 5th Infantry Division. It was initially stationed at the Division Training Area, Camp Melchor F Dela Cruz, Upi, Gamu, Isabela from 01 June to 20 November 2000 for refresher training and at the same time as Rapid Deployment Force of the Division Headquarters. On 20 Nov 2000, it was placed under OPCON of the 50th Infantry Battalion (50IB) and its patrol bases were deployed at Balingit, Pamplona, Cagayan and Pancian, Pagodpod, Ilocos Norte while its Command Post was co-located with the 50IB Headquarters at Manayon, Bangui, Ilocos Norte. On 24 Dec 2000, the unit was urgently recalled to the 5th Division Headquarters after the burning incident of three (3) Victory Liner buses at Sta Fe, Nueva Ecija and established its Command Post at the DTA, CMFDC. On 24 April 2001, this unit was transferred to CMFDC (Annex), Soyung, Echague, Isabela and was utilized as reaction force in the AOR of 502nd Brigade until 24 July 2001. Then it was redeployed at the AOR of 503rd Bde due to the demands of additional troops in the area. This unit was further placed under TACCON to 50IB and established Patrol Base (PB) at Laang, Lagangilang, Abra from 24 Jul 2001 until 10 Aug 2001. For less than a month, this unit was relocated to Headquarters 17IB, 5ID, PA at Tagudtod, Lagangilang, Abra.

After a year of crisscrossing to the AOR of 502Bde and 503Bde, the 52nd Division Reconnaissance Company received a warning order of deployment from Headquarters 5ID, PA in consonance with the immediate request from higher headquarters to augment one company to 204th Bde, 2ID, PA base in Mindoro to help address the alarming rises of insurgency in Southern Tagalog. On 21 Oct 2001, this unit was deployed in the province of Oriental Mindoro under the OPCON of 204Bde, 2ID, PA and further TACCON to 68IB, 2ID, PA. Then, this unit was initially stationed co-located at the Hqs of 68IB at Pinagsabangan Dos, Naujan, Oriental Mindoro until 11 Nov 2001. Afterwards, move to Brgy Muelle, Puerto Galera on 12 Nov 2001 until 23 Nov 2001. After a week of their new location, this unit was released TACCON to 68IB and tactically control to another unit which is 16IB, 2ID, PA and proceeded to Brgy Campaasan, Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro to establish Temporary Patrol Base on 24 Nov 2001 until 28 Mar 2002. After which, released TACCON to 16IB on 29 Mar 2002 and proceed to Tacligan Detachment, San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro on the same date. For almost ten (10) months, this unit wandered in almost all municipalities of the province of Oriental Mindoro. And this unit stayed that province until 15 Aug 2002.

As the insurgency in Southern Tagalog declined, this unit recalled to its mother unit – 5thInfantry Division, Philippine Army on 16 Aug 2002 and stay at Hqs 5ID, CMFDC, Upi, Gamu, Isabela until 31 Aug 2002.

On 01 September 2002, this unit was deployed in Villaros, Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya and was placed under TACCON to 54IB, 5ID, PA. Within seven months under 54IB, this unit operated in the provinces of Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino, Isabela (San Agustin), Ifugao and Mt Province. While under Tactical Control of 54IB, this unit was sent troops to the area of 41IB, 5ID, PA base in Cagayan as augmentation. 

On 01 April 2003, this unit was placed under Tactical Control to 41IB and its Temporary Patrol Base (TPB) was co-located with the 41IB Hqs at Masin, Alcala, Cagayan. And during that time, 41IB became the priority front in neutralizing the CCP/NPA in the AOR of 5ID, PA.

Upon conclusion of campaign in the AOR of 41IB, this unit was subsequently shifted to the province of Isabela on 01 Sep 2003 and was placed its TPB co-located to the 502Bde Hqs, Soyung, Echague, Isabela. On 29 May 2004, this unit was repositioned at Sitio Dagdag, Centro Dos, San Guillermo, Isabela to address the guerilla front left open by the 45IB, 5ID, PA due to its expanding AOR. Establishing its Command Post (CP) at San Guillermo, Isabela for more than a year which gave a chance to this unit to consolidate and train its men on its own standard. For almost a year, 52ndDRC concentrated its effort in the AOR of 45IB which resulted to its significant accomplishment.

During the unexpected incident in Ilocos-Cordillera region, 5ID urged to deploy this unit to the AOR of 503Bde to reinforce the beleaguered troops of 50IB in seizing enemy’s encampment at tri-boundaries of Abra, Ilocos Sur and Mt Province. This unit initially stationed at 503Bde Hqs in Sulvec, Narvacan, Ilocos Sur then it was transferred to Amguid, Candon, Ilocos Sur on 15 June 05 up to 31 August 2005.

Moreover, on 01 Sep 2005, the unit was recalled back to 5ID Hqs and repositioned at its former station at Sitio Dagdag, San Guillermo, Isabela up to 23 April 2006. After which, 52DRC deployed at Dibuluan, Jones, Isabela under TACCON to 45IB and that was on 24 April 2006 to 09 October 2006. Then repositioned again to its former stationed at Sitio Dagdag, Cento 2, San Guillermo, Isabela on 10 Oct 2006 up to 05 May 2007. Afterwards, placed by the 502Bde to Rear Command Post (RCP), CMFDC, Upi, Gamu, Isabela on 06 May 2007 until 08 Aug 2007 then move to Brgy Dietban, San Guillermo, Isabela to establish Temporary Patrol Base (TPB) on 09 Aug 2007 to 17 Dec 2007.

Due to the plan of the Division Headquarters under the office of Assistant Chief of staff for operation, G3, that all units must have their refresher training to be conducted by the Division Training Unit (DTU). This unit move towards to DTU at Camp Melchor F Dela Cruz, Upi, Gamu, Isabela to accomplish the mandatory program of the Division Headquarters. Said refresher started on 17 Dec 2007 until 07 Feb 2008. Afterwards, 52nd Division Reconnaissance Company move to Rear Command Post (RCP) on 08 Feb 08 up to 28 Mar 08 under the operational control of 502nd Infantry Brigade, 5th infantry Division, Philippine Army.

Upon conclusion for the mandate program of the Division Headquarters, 52nd Division Reconnaissance Company deployed at Brgy Sulvec, Narvacan, Ilocos Sur under the operational control to 503rd Infantry Brigade, 5th Infantry Division, Philippine Army on 29 Mar 08 up to 01 May 08. The troops operated at tri-boundaries of Abra, Ilocos Sur and Mt Province. And On 02 May 08 to 28 July 2008 the 52nd Division Reconnaissance Company transferred to Brgy Tagodtod, Lagangilang, Abra for the continuation of operations of 503rd AOR. While at this AOR, the troops of 52nd Division Reconnaissance Company has given a chance to manipulate and study the movements of enemies and how to win a war without firefight.

After the successful accomplishment within the area of responsibility of 503rd, the 52nd Division Reconnaissance Company recalled back to 5ID Hqs and repositioned to So Burubur, Magapit, Lal-lo, Cagayan on 29 Jul 08 up to 24 Aug 08 under tactical control of 17th Infantry Battalion, 5th Infantry Division, Philippine Army. After staying for just a few days at So Burubor, this unit recalled by the 502nd Infantry Brigade on 25 Aug 2008 and repositioned to CMFDC (Annex), Suyong, Isabela to build a Temporary Patrol Base until 01 Dec 2008. Then transferred to Purok 7, Centro 1, San Guillermo, Isabela on 02 Dec 08 up to 30 May 2009, after which went back to CMFDC (Annex), Suyong, Echague, Isabela on 31 May 2009 until 05 July 2009.

For after a month staying at 502Bde Hqs, 45th Infantry Battalion, 5th Infantry Division Philippine Army requested 52nd DRC, 5th Infantry Division Philippine Army to be their tactical control then this unit pull out on its temporary patrol base and move to Brgy Alibadabad, San Mariano, Isabela on 06 July 2009 up to 06 Aug 2009 then recalled by 502nd Brigade and repositioned to Brgy Dibuluan, Jones, Isabela to build a Temporary Patrol Base from 07 August 2009 up to 02 Oct 2009.

Afterwards, the Assistant Chief of staff for operation, G3, announced to have a conference to all Division Reconnaissance Company Commanders regarding the deployment. On 03 October 2009 the 52nd DRC, 5th Infantry Division, Philippine Army move towards So Burubor, Brgy Magapit, Lal-lo, Cagayan and build a Temporary Patrol Base under the tactical control of 17th Infantry Battalion, 5th Infantry Division, Philippine Army up to 03 January 2010 then move back again to the Province of Isabela and establish a Temporary Patrol Base at Brgy Alibadabad, San Mariano, Isabela under Operational Control of 502nd Infantry Brigade, 5th Infantry Division Philippine Army. On 24 February 2010, 52nd DRC received an order from Assistant Chief of Staff for Operation, G3, to move this company to Mountain Province and stationed its Temporary Patrol Base at Sitio Sadel, Brgy Talubin, Bontoc, Mountain Province under Operational Control of 501st Infantry Brigade, 5th Infantry Division Philippine Army. After such incident happened on 09 July 2010, 52DRC move to PPO Compound, Bontoc, Mountain Province on 18 July 2010 as its Temporary Patrol Base up to 23 September 2010.

Upon conclusion of the Campaign in the AOR of 501 Bde, 52DRC returned to the province of Isabela and under OPCON again to 502Bde on 23 Sep 2010 and establish Temporary Patrol Base at Masaya Sur, San Agustin, Isabela until 05 Oct 2010. In order that the unit became more effective, 52DRC move towards to Division Training Unit (DTU) to undergo Company Sustainment Training (CST) on 06 Oct 2010 until 25 Nov 2010. After which, this unit OPCON again to 502Bde and went back to Sitio Burubor, Magapit, Lal-lo, Cagayan and further TACCON to 17IB, 5ID, PA on 26 Nov 10 to 14 Dec 2010. In such a week, 52DRC displaced Sitio Burubor, Magapit, Lal-lo, Cagayan on 15 Dec 2010 and move towards to Zone 1, San Mariano, Isabela and afterwards move to Masaya Sur, San Agustin, Isabela on 16 Dec 2010 to establish Temporary Patrol Base until 12 Feb 2011. Then this unit transferred to Dibuluan, Jones, Isabela from 12 Feb 2011 to 21 Aug 2011 to establish Temporary Patrol Base thereat. After the Few months stayed in Dibuluan TPB, this unit displaced area and transferred to Tiger Hill, Brgy Baguinge, Kiangan, Ifugao and establish TPB under TACCON to 86IB, 5ID, PA on 22 Aug 11 then move to Bagumbayan, Dupax del Sur, Nueva Viscaya on 10 Oct 2010 to build Temporary Patrol Base until 15 Dec 2011. For the past two months, this unit pulled-out on its TPB and proceeded to Brgy, Bogbog, Bucay, Abra under operational control to 503Bde on 16 Dec 11 to 13 Jan 2012. Afterwards move to San Ramon East, Manabo, Abra to replaced 50IB on 13 Jan 12 until 16 Oct 2012.

On the 3rd quarter of the year 2012, 52DRC was returned to Isabela Province and placed OPCON again to 502Bde and establish Temporary Patrol Base at Sitio Balabal, Jones, Isabela. That was on 17 Oct 2012 to 06 Dec 2012. During this quarter, there was unluckily happened to the troops at Brgy Mabbayad, Echague, Isabela. After mournfully happened, on 06 Dec 2012, this unit was sent back to 5ID Division Training School (DTS) to undergo Stress Management Training, Scout Ranger Orientation Course and Company Retraining and said training /course ended on 01 Mar 2013. After the completion of trainings, this unit OPCON again to 502 Bde, and further TACCON to 86IB, 5ID, PA on 02 Mar 2013 and establish temporary patrol base at Zone 1, San Mariano, Isabela  until 20 Aug 2013. And move forward to Brgy Alibadabad, San Mariano, Isabela on 20 Aug 2013 to 26 Jan 2014. Afterwards, this unit returned at TPB Zone 1, San Mariano, Isabela on 26 Jan 2014 until 03 Mar 2015. Then on 04 Mar 2015, 52DRC move back to Sitio Burubur, Magapit, Lal-lo, Cagayan and establish Temporary Patrol Base under TACCON to 17IB, 5ID, PA until 13 Aug 2015. After which displaced that location and went back to CMFDC (Annex), Suyong, Echague, Isabela on 14 Aug 2015 to 20 Sep 2015. And after a month transferred again to Sitio Balabal, Brgy Uno, Jones, Isabela. That was on 20 Sep 2015 to 22 Nov 2015.

To ensure the effectiveness of the unit, 52DRC proceeded to Brgy Butigue, Paracelis, Mountain Province on 15 May 2016 to undergo a series of training- the Company Sustainment Training (CST) and the Opposing Forces (OPFOR) Training. During this period, this unit was under OPCON to Land Warfare Center (LWC) TRAIDOC, PA and said trainings ended on 01 Aug 2016. After the completion of training, this unit was still in the area until 08 Aug 2016 then proceeded back to Zone1, San Marinao, Isabela on 09 Aug 2016 to establish again a temporary patrol base up to this date.



 The 52nd DRC acquired numerous exemplary achievements in the field of operations in which it was expected to excel. Its first significant accomplishment was the recovery of one (1) carbine and apprehension of one (1) BM (Barangay Militia) by the operating troops led by 2LT ROMIL M CALERO at San Agustin, Isabela.

At the end of 4th Quarter CY 2003, the 52nd DRC led by 2LT ROMMEL TAMBIO – the Executive Officer of this unit spearheaded an encounter that resulted to the death of one cadre and wounding of the other two CTs while celebrating the founding anniversary of Kabataang Makabayan – an active leftist group affiliated to CPP/NPA/NDF at Sitio Bayabat, Dicamay, San,Mariano, Isabela on 01 December 2003.

On 17 March 2004, operating troops of this unit led again by 2LT TAMBIO captured two (2) regular CTs in the person of Marvie Valencia @ Midas- a sister of Wilfredo Valencia (Secretary of CVRC) and a certain @ Leah at San Felipe, Echague, Isabela. A month later, on 14 April 2004, the Commanding Officer of this unit 1LT ALBERT M BATINGGA, led the recovery of six (6) M16 rifles, one laptop computer and captured of certain Michelle Cabal- a regular member of Secom 2, Southern Front, CVRC after conducted an strike operation in Matartarang, Echague, Isabela. And then six (6) personnel of this unit were meritoriously promoted to their next higher grade.

On 24 Jan 2005, this unit for the first time, deployed three (3) maneuvering platoons led by 1LT BATINGGA, 2LT TAMBIO and 2LT VICTORIA  against  more or less sixty (60) CTs of Southern Front, Cagayan Valley Regional Committee (SF, CVRC). The engagement resulted to the wounding of three (3) CTs and seizure of enemy encampment. The enemy suffered several casualties in which two of it was reportedly killed yet the body was not recovered.

The most inconceivable achievement of 52nd DRC was the fallen of Cagayan Valley Regional Committee, Regional Operational Command. Codename-FORTUNATO CAMUS REGIONAL COMMAND under the hands of the IMMORTAL HUNTERS led by 2LT MICHAEL L VICTORIA and 2LT LITO H PUNIO on 30 March 2005 at Bigao Complex, Ilagan, Isabela. That was the  captured of Lorenzo Ruiz @ CHICO – the Headquarters Commandant of CVRC camp and recovered one (1) M653 rifle, one caliber .45 owned by @ CHICO, wounding of several high ranking cadres which miraculously escaped from the engagement site after detonating the several booby traps, improvised mines and grenades. It took more than a week of grueling search operation, this unit recovered an explosive cache which contains; three sacks of hand grenades, anti-tank mines, anti-personnel mines, three (3) container of TNT, a lot of explosives paraphernalia and materials, three (3) sets of portable generator, two (2) laptop computers, one (1) scanner, four printers, 15 sacks of personal belongings and subversive documents with high intelligence value.

Two months later after CVRC’s main camp annihilation, 2LT ARIEL QUIROG seized an enemy encampment at Ballao, Benito Soliven, Isabela. This moment proves the superiority of IMMORTAL HUNTERS wherever it goes.

On 03 June 2005, the 52nd DRC conducted strike operation. They engaged with more or less thirty (30) CTs at Nacalma, Benito Soliven, Isabela. This unit with all its might and boldness, exterminated two (2) amazons of Platoon Uno, Central Front, CVRC, fatally wounding of six (6) CTs member and recovered two (2) M16 rifles and one (1) M653 with claymore mines and voluminous subversive documents and personal belongings. The showdown was led by 1LT BATINGGA and 2LT PUNIO.

On 17 Jun 2005, there was a sudden incident happened in the AOR of 503rd Bde that gave an opportunity to this unit to play a major rule in conquering the ICRC (Ilocos-Cordillera Regional Committee) camp in the tri-boundaries of Ilocos, Abra and Mt Province.

Furthermore, the 52nd DRC proved its luck and immortality in a close fight against more or less fifteen CTs at Pila East, Santa Lucia, Ilocos Sur on 31 July 2005. Killing of two (2) Cts in just two meters distance in limited visibility and fatally wounding of the four (4) CTs who manage to escape through the help of barangay folks. This unit creates an image of PROFESSIONAL HUNTERS. It was led by 1LT BATINGGA, 2LT TAMBIO and 2LT VICTORIA and they recovered one (1) M14 rifle, two (2) M16 rifles, personal belongings and subversive documents with high intelligence value. 

 On 01 Sep 2005, this unit was recalled back by 5ID Hqs and was repositioned at its former station at Sitio Dagdag, San Guillermo, Isabela until 17 Mar 2006. Then redeploy again to the AOR of 501Bde. The troops discovered two (2) abandoned enemy camp at Mt Facanan, Brgy Mainit, Bontoc, Mountain Province on 18 Mar 2006 and 23 Mar 2006.

On 08 March 2007, 52DRC returned to the province of Isabela for   clearing of the affected barangays. This unit launched SOT operations at Brgy Villarose, San Guillermo, Isabela in which they succeed in manipulating the supporters. Resulted to the recovery of two (2) Cal .38 pistol and one (1) Shotgun. And On 23 Apr 2007, this unit proved its capability not only for combat operations but also for the SOT operations resulted to surrender the FAs of the supporters-  one (1)  Cal.38 pistol, two (2) Cal.22 pistol, two (2) Shotguns and one (1) Hand Grenade at Brgy Dicaraoyan, San Guillermo, Isabela.

On 30 July 2007, this unit proved its luck and immortality under LT VICTORIA and LT BUTT in close fights against more or less 60 CTs at Sitio Lumalog, Cadsalan, San Mariano, Isabela. It was resulted the killing of three (3) CTs and undetermined wounded. Recovered one (1) M16A1, four (4) claymore mines, one (1) blasting cap, one (1) firing device for claymore mine, one (1) detonating wire, five (5) hand grenades, ten (10) jungle packs, and four (4) sacks of personal belongings and assorted medical/dental paraphernalia.

On 20 Nov 2007, 52nd DRC under LT VICTORIA and LT QUIROG conducted strike operation at Mabbayad, Echague, Isabela. They engaged more or less 30 CTs which resulted to the killing of four (4) CTs and recovery of three (3) M16A1, two (2) M14, one (1) Handheld ICOM Radio, one (1) claymore mine, one (1) firing device for claymore mine, one (1) blasting cap, four (4) sacks of personal belongings, four (4) jungle packs and bags of assorted medicine and subversive documents.    

On 07 Dec 2007, 52nd DRC under LT VICTORIA and LT QUIROG again encountered more or less 50 CTs at So Didungol, Ysmael, Nagtipunan, Quirino which resulted the KIA and WIA of undetermined numbers of CTs and recovery of four (4) magazines of M14, two (2) Hand Grenades, three (3) Bandoleers, one (1) Binocular, seventy seven (77) rds of 7.62mm ball, eighty eight (88) rds of 5.56mm ball, one (1) Jungle Pack, two (2) sacks of Personal Belongings and twenty one (21) sim pack.

On 06 Feb 2010, 52nd DRC under 1LT PUNIO captured the four (4) leader of CTs namely; Michael Erana @ Poktong- Central Front Secretary (CVRC), Junior Soria @ Manny- team Leader/Medical Officer of the Platoon, Mario Agustin @ Aki- CO Pltn Arnel/Member Central Front, and Rolly Valencia @ Butch/Donald- VCO Pltn1/Remo at So Dibiguin, Brgy Minanga, San Mariano, Isabela and recovery of one (1) Cal.45 pistol, one (1) Asus Laptop, one (1) Blasting cap, Medical and Food Supplies, CD, USB, five (5) Cellular Phones and Subversive documents.

On 10 Sep 2010, troops of 52nd DRC under 2LT CAVAÑAS encountered MOL 60 CTs at Pila East, Sta Lucia, Ilocos Sur which resulted to undetermined enemy casualties and recovery of one (1) M16A1 Rifle, one (1) Laptop Computer and subversive documents . Again 52nd DRC proved its immortality for the successful accomplishment. 

After such a long journey in hunting, this unit under 2LT TORREPALMA encountered MOL 30 CTs on 03 Feb 2012 at Sitio Agasasan, Brgy Ududiao, Sallapadan, Abra that resulted to the recovery of one (1) Cal.45 pistol and subversive documents. And four (4) enemy KIAs as per intelligence reported.

After such sudden incident to the troops under 2LT TORREPALMA at Mabbayad, Echague, Isabela, 52DRC stood up and again prove its luck and immortality under 2LT RAÑOLA encountered more or less 20 CTs at Sitio Luscon, Gangalan, San Mariano, Isabela on 06 MAR 2013. Recovered (1) One M16 Rifle and Subversive Documents. One personnel of this unit was meritoriously promoted to the next higher grade. For the past five (5) months, again troops under 2LT RAÑOLA in close fight against undetermined number of NPA remnants at GC 953641, Brgy Balagan, San Mariano, Isabela on 202200 August 2013 which resulted to the death and wounding of undetermined number of remnants. In such a way, 2LT RAÑOLA was replaced by 1LT GONZALES the Commanding Officer of this unit on 210230 Aug 2013 to scour the encounter site and resulted to the recovery of;  one (1) cal .45 pistol, one (1) homemade pistol, forty eight (48) rds Ammo of M16 rifle, fourteen (14) rds Ammo of cal .45 pistol, twenty five (25) rds ammo of M14 rifle, two (2) rds ammo of 9mm, two (2) mag of cal .45, one (1) HG, one (1) Improvise Explosive Device, four (4) Improvise HG, seven (7) electric Commercial Blasting Cap, fifth teen (15) mtrs Detonating Cord (HE), ten (10) mtrs Electric Wire, three (3) Remote Control for Triggering Device, one (1) Magazine Pouch of Cal .45, two (2) Flashlight, six (6) Pcs Battery for Flashlight, six (6) Backpacks, two (2) civilian bags, one (1) Jungle Hammock, three (3) Bandoliers, three (3) Pairs Rain Boots, one (1) Diver watch, one (1) Cassette recorder, assorted Medicines and one (1) bottle Dextrose, subversive documents with high intelligence value, ID’s, Pictures, Books, Flash disk, four (4) Cell phones, three (3) Wallets, twenty five (25) Sim cards, one (1) micro SD adaptor, and cash amounting of Php 23,925.00.

On 26 March 2014, one (1) Platoon of 52DRC under 2LT LYNDOLPH L RAÑOLA (INF) PA encountered ten (10) insurgents at vicinity 51Q UV 31256 81104 along the creek at the outskirt of Brgy Masi, Rizal, Cagayan which resulted to recover one (1) Body Count, one (1) Homemade Shotgun and two (2) live ammunition of the 12-gauge shotgun. After a year, troops under 1LT NIÑO JOHN L PANER O-16022 (MI) PA- the Commanding Officer of this unit encountered against MOL 20 NPARs under Northern Front of KR-HSL which transpired on 101730H April 2015 at vicinity (GC 51Q UV 337 804)  So. Pilao, Brgy. Lipatan, Sto. Nino, Cagayan and recovered one (1) Homemade Shotgun, one (1) Roll detonating cord, one (1) Book of ‘Kursong Orientasyon sa Partido’, assorted hand written Maps, assorted enemy personal belongings,  ½ kg of red rice, one (1) Back Pack and other subversive documents with high intelligence value.



                           NAME  INCLUSSIVE DATES
CPT JOSEPH P GLORIA O-11691 (INF) PA 01 OCT 00 – 31 MAY 01
2LT MICHAEL D MAQUILAN O-12839 (INF) PA 01 JUN 01 – 30 JUL 01
2LT ROMAN S MABBORANG O-12766 (INF) PA 01 AUG 01 – 30 AUG 03
2LT ALBERT M BATINGGA O-13392  (INF) PA 01 DEC 03 – 30 SEP 05
2LT  ROMMEL M TAMBIO  O-134854 (SC) PA 01 NOV 05 – 30 MAR 06
1LT MICHAEL L VICTORIA O-13910 (INF) PA 16 MAR 06 – 16 OCT 08
1LT LITO H PUNIO O-136711 (INF) PA 16 OCT 08 – 09 JUL 10
2LT JUNREY O DEOCAMPO O-16361 (INF) PA 01 AUG 12 – 18 APR 13
1LT ALVIN S GONZALES 0-15162 (INF) PA 18 APR 13 – 15 FEB 15
1LT ALVIN S GONZALES 0-15162 (INF) PA 18 APR 13 – 15 FEB 15