Dating back to 09 August 1985 when the unit was activated as a provisional Battalion of the 5th Infantry Division, Philippine Army, the Battalion has undergone several physical changes such as turnovers of Commanding Officers and displacements of AOR to and from. However, the most intangible remains: its steadfast mission of preserving the sovereignty of the nation and protection of the Filipino people.

The unit became a regular battalion on 07 November 1985 and was originally fielded in Brgy Estancia, Piddig, Ilocos Norte. Since the unit still lacked the necessary personnel fill-up and had to undergo Battalion Training, it was relocated at Cp Aquino, Tarlac. On 24 April 1986, however, the unit was ordered to proceed to Mountain Province due to the worsening CTM situation in the adjoining provinces of Cagayan and Kalinga-Apayao. The unit was thereafter called upon on the 12th of February 1987.