Unit Mission

54th Infantry (MAGILAS) Battalion as Brigade Main Effort conducts Development Support Operations to destroy KLG Ifugao and contain KLG Marco in CY 2018 in order to ensure security, contribute to development, and sustain peace in the unit’s Area of Operations (AO).

Unit Seal and Description/Symbolism



The 54th Infantry Battalion seal takes the shape of the historic “KALASAG” or warrior’s shield used in medieval times.  It symbolizes the inherent will of every Filipino to defend the motherland from any acts of aggression.  The shield depicts the unit’s primary mission of protecting our people.

The logo comes in white and blue colors.  The WHITE symbolizes purity and power, characterizing the unit’s aim of bringing prosperity to our people while upholding the rights of every Filipino citizen; while the color BLUE signifies peace and tranquility for all our people.  The EAGLE portrays the mobility of the unit; eagles have very large powerful hooked beaks for tearing flesh from their prey, strong legs and powerful talons.  They also have extremely keen eyesight to enable them to spot potential prey from a distance.         

The THREE GOLDEN STARS stand for the three (3) main islands of the Philippine Archipelago – Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao – any part of which can be an area of responsibility of the 54th Infantry Battalion.  It further stands to symbolize unity among the Filipino people – one solid nation under one flag.

The number 54 represents the actual numerical designation prescribed by the Philippine Army for the unit, indicating that is the 54th Infantry Battalion activated since.

The word MAGILAS stands for being magisterial and masterful – the two characteristics that most distinguish every member of the unit.  Every soldier possesses magisterial and lofty aspirations that this country may be free from oppression and injustice yet masterful in every way to combat any force that would seek to impose its unlawful will on the Filipino people and challenge the existence of democracy and freedom.  Undaunted by the enemies, these majestic soldiers possess the abilities and skills required for a true defender – the epitome of a distinguished gentleman warrior – proud yet very patient, always ready to serve God and country.

Unit Vision, Motto and Unit Moniker: None.

Activation Date:

Activated as a provisional unit – Effective 09 August 1985 pursuant to General Orders Number 383 HPA dated 13 August 1985.

Activated as a regular battalion – Effective 07 November 1985 pursuant to General Orders Number 383 HPA dated 26 November 1985.

Organization and Station (AO):

  1. Camp Servillano Aquino, San Miguel, Tarlac – 09 August 1985 to 19 February 1986;
  2. Brgy Estancia, Piddig, Ilocos  Norte –   20 to 24 February 1986;
  3. Camp Servillano Aquino, San Miguel, Tarlac – 25 February to 26 April 1986;
  4. Sitio Dantay Alab, Bontoc, Mountain Province – 27 April 1986 to 12 February 1987;
  5. Brgy Taggat Sur, Claveria, Cagayan  – 13  February 1987 to 24 July 1989;
  6. Brgy Libertad, Abulog, Cagayan – 25 July 1989 to 25 March 1991;
  7. Brgy Logac, Lallo, Cagayan – 26 March to 24 April 1991;
  8. Brgy Alinam, Cauayan, Isabela – 25 April to 29 July 1991;
  9. Brgy Bascaran, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya – 30 July to 16 October 1991;
  10. Brgy Cato, Tuao, Cagayan – 17 October 1991 to 21 July 1992;
  11. Brgy Villa Laida, Tuao, Cagayan – 22 July to 27 November 1992;
  12. Camp Duyan, Bulanao, Tabuk, Kalinga-Apayao – 28 November 1992 to 10 January 1993;
  13. Brgy Villa Laida, Tuao, Cagayan – 11 January 1993 to 27 September 1994;
  14. Camp Lt Benjamin M Enriquez Jr, Brgy Tallang, Baggao, Cagayan – 28 September 1994 to 11 August 1997;
  15. Camp Lt Benjamin M Enriquez Jr, Brgy Malasin, Dupax del Norte, Nueva Vizcaya – 12 August to 16 November 1997;
  16. Brgy   Bagumbayan, Dupax del Sur, Nueva Vizcaya – 17 November 1997 to 27 November 1998;
  17. So Ibulao, Brgy Baguinge, Kiangan, Ifugao – 28 November 1998 to 16 May 1999;
  18. Brgy Bagumbayan, Dupax del Sur, Nueva Vizcaya – 17 May 1999 to 01 September 2008;
  19. Brgy Buayan, Datu Piang, Maguindanao – 02 September 2008 to 10 September 2009;
  20. Sitio Ibulao, Brgy Baguinge, Kiangan, Ifugao – 11 September 2009 to 07 October 2010;
  21. PPO Compound, Bontoc, Mountain Province – 08 October 2010 to 26 June 2012;
  22. Camp Col Henry T Acmor, Brgy Butigue, Paracelis, Mountain Province – 27 June 2012 to 24 November 2015;
  23. Sitio Ibulao, Brgy Baguinge, Kiangan, Ifugao – 25 November 2015 to 16 May 2016;
  24. Camp Melchor F Dela Cruz, Upi, Gamu, Isabela – 16 May to 01 August 2016; and
  25. Sitio Ibulao, Brgy Baguinge, Kiangan, Ifugao – 02 August 2016 to present.



Significant Events:         

Way back 09 August 1985, the unit was activated as a provisional Battalion of the 5th Infantry Division, Philippine Army, the Battalion undergone several physical changes such as turnovers of Commanding Officers and displacements of AOR to and from.  However, the most intangible remains were the steadfast mission of preserving the sovereignty of the nation and protection of the Filipino people.

The unit became a regular battalion on 07 November 1985 and was originally fielded in Brgy Estancia, Piddig, Ilocos Norte.  Hence, the unit still lacked the necessary personnel fill-up and had to undergo Battalion Training, it was relocated at Cpt Aquino, Tarlac.  On 24 April 1986, however, the unit was ordered to proceed to Mountain Province due to the worsening CTM situation in the adjoining provinces of Cagayan and Kalinga-Apayao.  The unit was thereafter called upon on the 12th of February 1987, with then MAJ BENIGNO M PAGUIRIGAN JR (INF) PA as Battalion Commander, to assume operational responsibility over a large extent of Cagayan and portions of Kalinga-Apayao.

On 21 April 1991, the Battalion then under the command of MAJ TRIFONIO P SALAZAR (INF) PA, was directed to move at Alinam, Cauayan, Isabela to address the escalating insurgency problem within the municipalities of Naguilian, Benito Soliven, San Mariano, San Isidro, and Jones.  However, on 29 July 1991, the Division effected a re-sectoring of AOR for the tactical brigades; consequently resulting in the battalion’s being tasked to extend its area of responsibility to whole of Nueva Vizcaya.

On 16 October 1991, the unit under LTC JUANITO R CADELIÑA (FA) PA, again moved to Barangay Cato, Tuao, Cagayan and was placed OPCON to 501st Brigade.  In the said area, the unit performed extraordinarily in combat, particularly in operations launched within the Mabiga-Poguin complex of Kalinga-Apayao.  The remarkable Magilas’ actions led to the dissolution of the NPA’s First National Battalion operating in the area, whereby consequently adjudged as the Best Maneuver Battalion by NOLCOM for CY 1992.

When the unit was relocated at Barangay Villa Laida, Tuao, Cagayan on 01 October 1993, MAJ ALEXANDER D TAGUINOD (CAV) PA assumed command.  The unit then had to cover eight (8) municipalities of Isabela, eight (8) municipalities of Cagayan, and the municipality of Rizal, Kalinga-Apayao.  The unit actively implemented major combat operations resulted to the recovery of numerous high and low-powered firearms.

On 27 September 1994, the unit was placed OPCON to 503rd Brigade and directed to establish MCP at Barangay Tallang, Baggao, Cagayan and given responsibility over eleven (11) municipalities of Cagayan.

On 08 October 1995, the first Magilas Commander’s Cup was held through the initiative of MAJ ARTHUR I TABAQUERO (FA) PA, Commanding Officer.  This activity paved the way for the conduct of a regular annual sports festival participated by the four organic companies competing in ten events namely: Basketball, Volleyball, Team Run, Obstacle Course, Tug-o’-War, Darts, Pool, Chess, Table Tennis, and Track Event.

On 16 October 1996, one company of the Magilas Battalion was displaced from its CP in Brgy Dalin, Baggao, Cagayan and ordered to move at Poblacion, Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija to relieve elements of 70IB, 7ID, PA therein.  With this development, the three municipalities of Nueva Ecija namely: Carranglan, San Jose City and Pantabangan as added part of the unit’s AOR.  As a result, on 16 Nov 96, the Battalion Headquarters was moved to Sitio Model, Brgy Malasin, Dupax del Norte, Nueva Vizcaya to ensure better control of its rifle companies.

On 15 May 1998, MAJ DANNY P PABUNAN (INF) PA assumed command of the unit, moved to Brgy Bagumbayan, Dupax del Sur, Nueva Vizcaya. During his leadership, Bravo Co under ILT DONATO PASICOLAN JR (INF) PA was selected as the Best Maneuver Company for CY-98 during the 5ID, PA anniversary owing to their combat accomplishment on 10 September 1998 for the recovery of numerous high-powered firearms and radio equipment and neutralized certain DT personalities.

On 01 July 2000, LTC INOCENCIO M MAYANGAO (INF) PA assumed command of the unit yet arguably noted that the Battalion reached its loftiest zenith.  During his time, the unit rated as the Best Maneuver Battalion both administrative and operational fields, out of eight (8) competing Infantry Battalions under 5th Infantry Division, Philippine Army.  The Magilas Battalion then adjudged as Nr 1 among all Battalions of the Philippine Army for the 1st semester CY-2001.

On 01 July 2002, LTC DACY V MARINAS CAV (GSC) PA assumed command.  During his term, the unit conducted massive combat operations in Mountain Province following the harassment of Talubin Detachment and the ambush of elements from 71IB, 7ID, PA.

On 01 December 2004, LTC RODRIGO V QUINTILLA INF (GSC) PA assumed command as 18th Commanding Officer of Magilas Battalion.  During his time, the unit was given a wider area of operations which covered the provinces of Mountain Province, Ifugao, Nueva Vizcaya (except the municipality of Alfonso Castañeda); five (5) municipalities of Northern Benguet namely: Mankayan, Buguias, Bakun, Kabayan & Kibungan, the municipalities of Cordon, Jones, San Agustin, Echague and San Guillermo Isabela including the municipality of Carranglan, Nueva Ecija.

At the onset of CY-2005, an Advance Command Post (ACP) was established at Brgy Masaya Sur, San Agustin, Isabela to address the Priority Guerilla Front (PGF) within the JESSA COMPLEX and the municipalities of Maddela and Nagtipunan of Quirino Province.

On 10 February 2006, the Cabiten Patrol Base in Mankayan, Benguet was harassed and overran by more or less sixty fully armed CTs.  With this situation, operational activities were again shifted to the area of Mountain Province with LTC LORETO C MAGUNDAYAO CAV (GSC) PA, leading the unit after having been installed on 18 May 2006.

In compliance with “OPLAN PAGSASANAY A”, the unit was tasked to proceed to 5th Division Training Area for the Battalion Re-Training, which formally opened on 07 July 2007.  While on training, LTC BENJAMIN M LAGUARDIA INF (GSC) PA, assumed command on 12 July 2007. Prior to the culmination of the Battalion Re-Training, the unit was directed to proceed at NCRCOM area to augment troops thereat. In anticipation of civil unrest to take place upon the final judgment of former President Joseph Estrada’s plunder case as well as possible deployment in Mindanao as follow-on forces, with the resumption of atrocities by the Abu-Sayyaf in Basilan.  The bulk of the troops was airlifted to Manila and temporarily billeted at Camp Atienza, Libis, Quezon City, as the unit was placed OPCON to NCRCOM from 24 September 2007 to 25 October 2007.  On 25 October 2007, the OPCON status of the unit was terminated and the Battalion was airlifted back to Isabela for the culmination of its Battalion Re-Training on 27 October 2007. Thereafter, the unit was redeployed to resume control over its former AOR under 502 Bde.

Another chapter in the annals of the unit’s history unfolded on 01 August 2008 when LTC ADERITO S NAVATA CAV (GSC) PA, took over the command of leading the unit which was then on the final stage of clearing out of the remnants of Southern Front Cagayan Valley Regional Committee (SF, CVRC) within less than a month of handling the unit, two (2) HPFA’s were immediately recovered after a hiatus of more than a year of no recoveries in the Area of Operation.  The unit, then was no-sooner designated as the follow-on-force to be deployed to Mindanao, as additional force to enhance AFP operational capability on the present punitive actions in Central Mindanao.

On 06 September 2008, the unit arrived at 6th Infantry (KAMPILAN) Division, PA, and instantly placed OPCON to 601st Bde to assume a new Area of Responsibility (AOR) within the Municipalities of Datu Saudi Ampatuan, Mamasapano, and Datu Piang all in Maguindanao Province. Whereas the “Magilas” troopers once again showed exemplary performance of duty hunting down well-known terrorist leader AMERIL “AMELIL” UMBRA KATO and his followers.      Soaring out to the war zone, the sons of “Magilas” rallied to show extraordinary courage and determination in fighting the Lawless MILF Group (LMG) operating in the area. Series of combat operations were immediately launched by the unit engaging to decisive encounters that caused huge casualties against the MILF forces in Datu Saudi Ampatuan, Datu Piang, Mamasapano and Shariff Aguak (S-P-M-S) area.

On 18 September 2008, to have a specific area of focus, the Battalion was re-deployed to the Municipality of Datu Piang, known to be the core of MILF mass concentration.  LTC ADERITO S NAVATA CAV (GSC) PA, personally led his troops, even in certain fierce firefights, significantly elevating the troops’ will to fight.  For the span of two (2) months, 54IB figured in four (4) decisive encounters, six (6) harassments, one (1) ambuscade and six (6) area bombardments/bomb runs. In the process, conquering two (2) enemy camp/strongholds, attriting almost sixty (60) MILF personalities excluding a similar scores of others wounded, which disrupted their plans and grip hold of the area.

Proud “MAGILAS” troopers stood their ground and remained at the forefront of running after terrorist leader AMERIL “AMELIL” UMBRA KATO and his die hard sub-commanders. Some of the notable accomplishment of the unit in combating the Lawless MILF Group in Mindanao were the six (6)-hour fierce firefight of one (1) section, HHSCo and 1st Platoon of Alpha Company under LTC NAVATA on 25 September 2008 against more or less fifty (50) LMG’s at Sitio Nimao, Brgy Balanaken, Datu Piang, Maguindanao resulted to the killing of sixteen (16) LMG and undetermined wounded and the day-along encounter of Bravo company under 1LT MOAMAR C DARIMBANG; Scout Platoon, HHSCo under 2LT AGCAOILI; AND 61DRC of 6ID, PA (TACON) under 2LT GUTLENG (KIA) on 29 September 2008 against more or less seventy (70) LMG’s on enemy stronghold at the same place resulted to 17 LMG killed and 17 wounded.

Overall, the battalion triad operations conducted in Mindanao accounted for the recovery of three (3) HPFA’s and two (2) LPFA’s; neutralization of 115 Lawless MILF Group (LMG) (66 killed, 44 wounded and 5 captured/apprehended) discovery/seizure of 8 LMG camps and recovery of various war materials kitchen utensils and voluminous subversive documents.  The unit also conducted one (1) SALA’AM operation and was able to clear five (5) LMG stronghold barrangays namely: Brgy Balanaken, Liong, Masigay, Alonganen and Dado all in Datu Piang, Maguindanao.

Remarkably, on 09 September 2009 for almost one year operating in Central Mindanao, the unit returned control to 5ID and placed under operational control of 502IBde to continue dismantling the remnants of Southern and Central Front, KLG Marco and GZP-Reyes. For nearly eight months operating in Mountain Province and Ifugao, the unit was able to negotiate for the surrender of seven (7) LTs and one (1) killed (body count). The unit also recovered three (3) HPFA’s and one (1) LPFA’s.

On 01 August 2010, LTC STEVE D CRESPILLO INF (GSC) PA assumed command of the Magilas Battalion.  The ISO responsibility of the unit in the province of Ifugao was turned-over to 86IB and subsequently relocated its Main Command Post (MCP) in Mountain Province. The unit’s mission is to support civil agencies’ efforts in peace and development in order to deny CTM influence and control among the local populace of Mountain Province through conducting of massive CMO activities by deploying Mass Base Organizers (MBO) within the CTM influenced barangay within the AO.  Furthermore, confidence-building activities with the civil authorities also employed to gain the support of the masses and establish a peace zone conducive to peace and development.

Another stint of “MAGILAS” when LTC DONALD P HONGITAN INF (GSC) PA assumed as Commanding Officer this unit on 01 August 2012. During his period, IMPLAN “FLYING EAGLE” was implemented and the Battalion Main Command Post was relocated from present location at PPO Compound, Bontoc, Mountain Province to Sitio San Andres, Brgy Butigue, Paracelis, Mountain Province. Leading the unit in implementing the EO Nr 23 “Declaring a Memorandum on the cutting and harvesting of timber in the National and Residential Forest and Creating the Anti-Illegal Task Force where the SND and AFP are members. The unit was able to intercept eighteen thousand eight hundred ten (18, 810) board feet of Parquet Narra Plunks with an estimated value of more or less one million, one hundred twenty eight thousand, six hundred pesos (Php 1,128,600.00) at vicinity of Sitio San Andres, Brgy Butigue, Paracelis, Mountain Province. In addition, forty six (46) pcs Narra Flitches were confiscated at Sitio Cassag, Brgy Bacarri, Paracelis, and Mountain Province on 11 September 2012.

In support to law enforcement operations, the suspect of homicide/robbery case was voluntarily surrendered to the unit on 11 October 2012 while on 14 October 2012, two (2) criminal suspects of homicide/robbery were cornered at Brgy Saliok, Natonin, Mountain Province and recovered with them a one (1) caliber .38 revolver loaded with five (5) rounds ammo. Additionally, on 07 Sep 12 one (1) regular member of East Chico Line (ECL) were voluntarily surrendered thru the joint negotiation efforts of LTC DONALD P HONGITAN INF (GSC) PA and PNP Natonin, Mountain Province. On 24 October 2012, one (1) apprehended suspicious personality were apprehended at Sitio Upper Laud, Brgy Butigue, Paracelis, Mountain Province armed with caliber 45 pistol loaded with five (5) live ammunitions, Prima Cord 3.6 feet, one (1) dynamite explosive, one (1) blasting cap and one (1) suspected switch cord.

On 12 February 2013, LTC FRANCISCO D MILLARE INF (GSC) PA assumed command as the 24th Commanding Officer. Under his leadership, the unit continues the massive conduct of focused military operations in Eastern Mountain Province and Ifugao.  As a result, two (2) successful encounters were initiated on 020520 June 2013 and 200930 October 2013 respectively. Said engagements resulted to the neutralization of the 4th top ranking local terrorist leader in Cordilleras Artos Talastas @ Libre/Layden/Udan.  Additionally recovered eleven (11) HPFAs and one (1) LPFA and facilitated the voluntary surrendered of six (6) active NPA members of KLG Marco and SPP Ifugao.

Likewise, in coordination with ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya Foundation Incorporated (ASKFI) and Local Government Units within AO completed the construction of eight (8) unit School Building Projects in Mountain Province and Ifugao. On environmental protection and anti-illegal logging efforts with the PNP and DENR, the unit able to trap down the confiscation of 9,992 board feet of assorted illegally cut lumbers amounting to Php 291,306.00. Moreover, the unit also worked-out the hand-over of Internal Peace Security Operations (IPSO) to Provincial Local Government Unit (PLGU) in Ifugao Province and Municipal Local Government Unit (MLGU) of Barlig, Natonin and Paracelis all in Mountain Province.

Notably, on 07 November 2013 the unit also inaugurated and unveiled the multi-purpose building and blessing of Col Acmor Bust as token of our esteemed gratitude on the generosity of the Acmor Family in donating 4.987 hectares land area as housing facilities of MAGILAS Troopers. Overall, the battalion garnered the highest rating in the 5ID Best Battalion Competition among the six (6) Infantry Battalions of 5ID for CY 2013.

Another chapter of the MAGILAS is when LTC EDDIE M PILALPIL INF (GSC) PA assumed the command on 01 February 2014 as the 25th Commanding Officer.  During this term, great efforts were needed to meet the evolving challenges particularly with the further expansion of the unit’s AO over the Provinces of Ifugao, Mountain Province, Benguet and eight (8) municipalities at the northern part of Nueva Vizcaya namely: Ambaguio, Villaverde, Diadi, Solano, Bagabag, Quezon, Bayombong and Bambang. During this period, the unit accounted two (2) government initiated encounters which occurred at Brgy Damag, Aguinaldo, Ifugao on 040530 June 2014 resulted to the recovery of one (1) enemy killed (body count) and recovered of six (6) short magazines with live ammos, one (1) rifle grenade and subversive documents. Likewise, at Sitio Landing, Brgy Camandag, Asipulo, Ifugao on 140730 October 2014 resulted to the recovery of one (1) enemy killed (body count) and recovered of thirty eight (38) backpacks, medical paraphernalia’s and subversive documents with high intelligence value.

On 01 February 2016, LTC NICOLAS J QUEMADO JR INF (GSC) PA assumed command as the 26th Commanding Officer of this unit. It was pulled-out from its AO and placed under non-operational status under TRADOC, PA effective 16 May 2016 after the successful conduct of National and Local Elections 2016.  The remarkable activity of the unit is when the battalion had successfully completed the Battalion of Excellency (BOE) Training from 16 May to 01 August 2016 at 5DTS, 5ID, PA facilitated by the Land Warfare Center, TRADOC, PA.  After the said training, the battalion was redeployed to its previous area of operations in Ifugao, Mountain Province, Benguet and eight (8) municipalities at northern part of Nueva Vizcaya namely: Ambaguio, Villaverde, Diadi, Solano, Bagabag, Quezon, Bayombong and Bambang.

To allow economic development and restore peace and order in the unit area of operations, the unit crafted and generated its Line of Operations as enumerated: Bayanihan Team Activities (BTA), Intensified Stakeholders Engagement (ISE), Intensified Intelligence Operations (IIO), Support to Law Enforcement Operations (SLEO), Support to Government Peace Efforts (SGPE) and Focused Military Operations (FMO).

As a result, this unit completed all the downloaded target barangays for Bayanihan Team Activities (BTA), attended all inter-agency meetings such as RDC, RPOC, RJSCC, PJSCC, PPOC, PDRRMC, PMCC, CLIP, PADAC, PAILTF, PLECC, MPOC, MDRRMC and BPOC. On the Intensified Intelligence Operations (IIO), this unit supports the voluntary surrender of eleven (11) Milisya ng Bayan (MBs) of Nona Del Rosario Command (NDRC) and the surrender of eighteen (18) NPA members of Nona Del Rosario Command (NDRC) and Leonardo Pacsi Command (LPC). In Support to Law Enforcement Operations (SLEO), the unit fully supports the PRRDs trust and the PNP campaign against illegal-drugs. With respect to law, a random drug test was conducted to all personnel of this unit, provided security, manpower and transportation assistance to PSWD and PNP Ifugao in conducting of the rehabilitation program at Reflection Camp at BJMP Compound, Tiger Hill, So Ibulao, Brgy Baguinge, Kiangan, Ifugao to the drug surrenderers in Ifugao Province. In Support to Government Peace Efforts (SGPE), the unit supported the declaration of the AFP Unilateral Ceasefire from 210001H August 2016 to 040001H February 2017 and attended the Forum on Regional Autonomy with OPAPP Secretary JESUS G DUREZA at Mount Data Hotel, Bauko, Mountain Province on 24 April 2017.  On the Focused Military Operations (FMO), the unit recorded three (3) successful encounters and resulted to 12 Killed and several wounded on the enemy side as per human intelligence. Likewise, successfully  recovered the following items: 3 M16A1 Rifles, 1 M653 Assault Rifle, 1 M14 Rifle, 6 long & 2 short magazines for M16, 4 rifle grenades, 180 rounds ammunitions of AK-47 assault rifle, 8 rounds ammunitions of .40mm Grenade Launcher  M203 High Explosive,10 rounds ammunitions of Cal.45, 2 rounds ammunitions of 9mm, 6 bandoliers, 2 roll detonating cords, 4 blasting caps, CPP flags, 4 ICOM radios w/chargers & 1 extra battery, 2 VHF handheld radios, 3 laptop computers, 1 Video Camera, 1 L120 Epson Printer, 2 external drives, 1 galaxy tablet, 2 flash drives, 1 unit Honda 1000watts Power Generator, 5 meters T.V. antenna, 2 BPI ATM cards, 1 pack suspected grind marijuana, 22 backpacks, assorted Identification Cards,voluminous subversive documents with high intelligence value, assorted medical and dental paraphernalia, food supplies and personal belongings.

Another soaring chapter of MAGILAS Troopers when LTC NARCISO B NABULNEG JR INF (GSC) PA assumed the command on 09 April 2018 as the 27th Commanding Officer. A few months on his supervision, the unit has sustain the conduct of Focused Military Operations (FMO), Community Support Programs (CSP), Intensified Stakeholders Engagement (ISE), Intensified Intelligence Operations (IIO), Support to Law Enforcement Operations (SLEO) and Support to Government Peace Efforts (SGPE) in the unit area of operations within Ifugao, Mountain Province, Benguet and two (2) Municipalities of Nueva Vizcaya namely Ambaguio and Villaverde. Initial results, there were four (4) Regular CNTs members and twenty two (22) Militia ng Bayan (MBs) voluntary surrender to this unit.


Awards Received

  • Best Maneuver Battalion by NOLCOM for CY 1992.
  • Bravo Coy under ILT DONATO PASICOLAN JR (INF) PA was selected as the Best Maneuver Company for CY-98 during the 5ID, PA anniversary.
  • Best Maneuver Battalion both administrative and operational fields, out of eight (8) competing Infantry Battalions under 5th Infantry Division, Philippine Army.  The MAGILAS Battalion then adjudged as number 1 among all Battalions of the Philippine Army for the 1st semester CY-2001.
  • Best Battalion Competition among the six (6) Infantry Battalions of 5ID for CY 2013.


Way Ahead

Sustained the conduct of Focused Military Operations (FMO), Community Support Programs (CSP), Intensified Stakeholders Engagement (ISE), Intensified Intelligence Operations (IIO), Support to Law Enforcement Operations (SLEO) and Support to Government Peace Efforts (SGPE) in the unit area of operations.



LTC GODOFREDO A RABARA O-5925 (INF) PA 09 Aug 85 to 12 Sep 85
MAJ RICARDO J PABROS O-103007 (INF) PA  12 Sep 85 to 22 Oct 85
LTC TEOFILO M SANGLAY (INF) PA  22 Oct 85 to 09 Apr 86
LTC GUILLERMO D DENSEN O-5929 (INF) PA   09 Apr 86 to 27 Nov 87
MAJ BENIGNO PAGUIRIGAN O-100680 (INF) PA 27 Nov 87 to 24 Jul 89
MAJ CESAR C DELFIN O-99741 (INF) PA   24 Jul 89 to 10 Dec 89
MAJ BENIGNO PAGUIRIGAN O-100680 (INF) PA 10 Dec 89 to 28 Aug 90
MAJ TRIFONIO P SALAZAR O-6727 (INF) PA  28 Aug 90 to 16 Oct 91
LTC JUANITO R CADELINA O-103374 (INF) PA 16 Oct 91 to 01Oct 93
MAJ ALEXANDER D TAGUINOD O-7505 (CAV) PA 01 Oct 93 to 16 Nov 94
LTC ARTHUR I TABAQUERO O-7704 (FA) PA  16 Nov 94 to 16 Nov 96
MAJ DANTE D BALAO O-8153 (INF) PA    16 Nov 96 to 16 May 98
MAJ DANNY P PABUNAN O-8536 (INF) PA  16 May 98 to 01 Apr 2000
MAJ DIONISIO C MIGUEL O-114088  (INF) PA  (OIC)  01 Apr 2000 to 01 Jul 2000
LTC INOCENCIO M MAYANGAO O-8594 (INF) PA  01 Apr 00 to 08 Jan 02
LTC FELIX F CALIMAG O-105985 (INF) PA  08 Jan 02 to 01 May 2002
COL DACY V MARIÑAS O-109755 CAV (GSC) PA  01 May 02 to 1 Dec 04
LTC RODRIGO V QUINTILLA O-115693 INF (GSC) PA  1 Dec 04 to 17 May 2006
LTC LORETO C MAGUNDAYAO JR CAV O-9662 (GSC) PA  18 May 06 to 12 July 07
LTC BENJAMIN M LAGUARDIA O-118403 INF (GSC) PA  12 July 07 to 01 Augt 08 
LTC ADERITO S NAVATA O-9894 CAV (GSC) PA  01 Aug 08 to 01 Aug 10
LTC STEVE D CRESPILLO O-10263 INF (GSC) PA  01 Aug 10 to 01 Aug 12
LTC DONALD P HONGITAN O-123605 INF (GSC) PA  01 Aug 12- 12 Jan 13
LTC FRANCISCO D MILLARE O-121940 INF (GSC) PA  12 Jan2013 – 01 Feb 14
LTC EDDIE M PILAPIL O-11256 INF (GSC) PA  01 Feb 14 to 31 Jan 16
LTC NICOLAS J QUEMADO JR O-11236  INF (GSC) PA  31 Jan 16 to 09 April 2018
LTC NARCISO B NABULNEG JR O-11934 JR INF (GSC) PA  09 April 2018 to present