5th Civil-Military Operations Battalion

Unit Seal and Description/Symbolism (NHCP approved of available)

Red Triangle – symbolizes the Information Support Affairs pillar of CMO which focuses on Deeds ISA complemented with WORDS ISA activities through production and dissemination of Info Spt Affairs materials directly and indirectly intended to influence the  behavior, emotion, beliefs, attitude and opinion of  NPA personalities within the 5ID Area of Operations.

Green Triangle –  symbolizes the Civil Affairs pillar of CMO which focuses on Civil Relations and Civic Actions activities in which relations with all stakeholders of peace and development will be enhanced so as to win their support in the pursuit of genuine peace in 5ID Area of Operation.

Blue Triangle –  symbolizes the Public Affairs pillar of CMO which focuses on Public Information and Community relations activities by increasing involvement of media personalities for the dissemination of programs, activities and projects, press releases and media lines in order to win the people’s support in bringing peace and development within 5ID Area of Operations.

Center Triangle with Star and Numerical 5 – The 5CMOBn operates within the 5ID’s Area of Operations, thus, it is placed organic to the Division.

Green Color in the Circle – represents the mass or civilian populace within the 5ID AO  as our primary customers and/or target audience in the implementation of activities, programs and projects as embodied in the three (3) pillars of CMO.



The Civil-Military Operations Company (CMOC) was then the implementing arm of Civil-Military Operations Battalion of the Philippine Army which was respectively assigned organic to support the Infantry Division ISO campaign effective 16 August 1989.  Hence, the CMO Battalion of the Philippine Army was reactivated to CMO unit (CMOU) effective same date.

It is in this context that the CMOU of the Philippine Army and the CMO Company of the different Infantry Division had adopted its respective new table of equipment and personnel. The operational concept task to support the division and brigade CMO Plan through massive employment of CMO components such as psychological operations which intent to weaken the enemy’s resistant will to fight. The unit has design to hide its identity as being Psychological Operations Unit of the division to be not much offensive by its named. 

The respective names and designations of the Civil-Military Operations Companies were reformed in the numerical prefixes of the different Infantry Division support. As Combat service Support Unit of the command; the unit was named 5th Civil-Military Operations Company as the origin of 5th Civil-Affairs Unit of the 5ID under operational control of the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for CMO,G7.

Pursuant to HPA General Orders Nr 380, the CAU was deactivated effective 01 January 2006 and it was absorbed by the Civil-Military Operations Group (CMOG), Philippine Army; activation fallowed same date. Tracking for reformation for better change and effective employment of CMO activities, the higher headquarters recognized the strategic approach of holistic as basic tools of CMO activities addressing counter-insurgency problem. Headquarters Philippine Army has conceptualized the activation of CMO Battalion that would be fully capable in addressing SOTRA, SOTWA and all CMO activities within division area of operations. The CMOU under operational control of CMOG, PA and 5DPAO was formed as the operational nucleus of 5CMO Battalion and activated   through the virtue of General Order Number 380 HPA dated 26 June 2009.  The activation of 5CMO Battalion spearheaded the facilitation of 25 NPA rebels who return to the fold of the law, facilitation of twenty-eight (28) batches of young leaders through Youth Leadership Seminars (YLS), disaster and rescue operations during typhoons,   participation in the Brigada Eskwela, supporting the ASKI foundation programs, sustained community and sectoral based activity and all related CMO requirements support. The 5CMO Battalion also recognized for its genuine support and involvement in realizing the full implementation of the CPLA Integration Program.

The 5th CMO Battalion has the capability to cater general support to CMO operations needed by the Brigades and Battalions supporting Division Campaign Plan with the composition of Headquarters Company, three CMO Companies and a CMO Support Company (former CMOU). Following are lineage of commander after its activation; COL LORETO C MAGUNDAYAO JR as the first Battalion Commander and after 4 years he was succeeded by LTC RESURRESION C MARIANO as the 2nd Battalion Commander of the unit.  On 16 October 2013, MAJ CALIXTO D CADANO JR (FA) PA assumed the responsibility as the Officer-In-Charge and was relieved-in-place by LTC FELIX A BENITEZ INF (GSC) PA on 01 February 2014 as Acting Commanding Officer.