Unit Seal and Description/Symbolism (NHCP Arrival of Available)

Red – Courage, Bravery, Valor

Black – Death to the Enemy

Blue – Honor and Dignity

Gray – True Soldier/Professionalism

77 – The numerical designation of the Battalion given by HPA the number that the people love, the number that the enemy fears.

Shield – Symbolizes primary duty as the soldiers of the republic and defender of democracy, protect against any threat to the freedom and independence of the Filipino people be it internal or external.

Dagger – Stands for the noble profession of arms. Its two edges are honed sharp, reflects the skills of officers and men of the double seven. The dagger points downward to denote humility even in victory.

Panther – Signifies the double seven fighting like panthers in the jungle: swift, silent but deadly.

3 Lighting Bolts – indicates skills, Stamina & Spirit – Three qualities that distinguishes the double seven from the rest, making it the best second to none.


Unit Mission

77IB Mission: To develop, organize, train, equip and administer all CAA units in the AOR to ensure their effectiveness in support to the 5ID’s overall conduct of Development Support Operation.

CAA Mission: To support the 5ID in maintaining local peace and order, meeting local insurgency threat, assisting in rescue and relief operations during disasters and calamities, health welfare activities and participating in local socio-economic development projects. (Sec 63, RA 7077)


Vision, Motto and Unit Moniker

Motto: Don’t Dare the Double Seven – When the enemy dares the double seven, they would not live to regret it.


Activation Date (Include deactivation/reactivation dates)

  • 16th Infantry Battalion, 2ID, PA:           16 Dec 1972 – 15 Apr 1983
  • Mountain Bn, FSRR, PA:                     15 Apr 1983 – 19 Jan 1989
  • 4th Scout Ranger Bn, FSRR, PA:          19 Jan – 02 Dec 1989
  • 77th Infantry Battalion, 5ID, PA:           02 Dec 1989 – To date


Organization and Station (AO)

 The 16th Infantry Battalion, 2ID, PA was deployed in the areas of Zamboanga, Lanao, Cotabato, Bukidnon, Quezon and Bicol Region.

The Mountain Bn, FSRR, PA was deployed in the areas of Abra, Apayao, Aurora, Bulacan, Cagayan, Isabela, Kalinga, Nueva Vizcaya, Quezon, Davao, Maguindanao and Surigao Del Sur.

The 4th Scout Ranger Bn, FSRR, PA was deployed in the areas of Apayao, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya and Quirino.

The 77th Infantry Battalion, 5ID, PA was deployed in the areas of Julo, Sulo, North Cotabato, Basilan, Central Luzon, Cagayan, Kalinga, Apayao, Nueva Vizcaya, Isabela and Quirino.


The 77th Infantry Battalion (CAFGU) traces its roots from the 16th Infantry Battalion of the 2nd Infantry Brigade (Separate) Philippine Army and was organized on 16 December 1972 with was then LTC JAVIER CARBONEL (INF) PA as its first Battalion Commander. It conducted security operations against the communist and secessionist movements in the provinces of Zamboanga, Lanao, Cotabato, Bukidnon, Quezon and Bicol Regions.

The Battalion was absorbed by the First Scout Ranger Regiment, Philippine Army (FSRR,PA) on 15 April 1983. Consequently, the unit’s name was changed to Mountain Battalion, FSRR, PA. It became the striking force of HPA that conducted security operations against the local communist in Isabela, Abra, Cagayan, Kalinga and Apayao. During this period, the unit surfaced as the only Battalion in the history of AFP that crossed the jungles of Sierra Madre from Dingalan, Quezon to Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City for the period 02 – 08 April 1984. Moreover, during the conduct of CPX at Fort Bonifacio, Metro Manila, it earned a rating of “Outstanding” in the Field Training Exercise (FTX).

The unit was renamed 4th Scout Ranger Battalion, First Scout Ranger Regiment, Philippine Army. It operates in the provinces of Surigao Del Sur, Davao, Bulacan and finally in all provinces of Region II. Later, it was placed OpCon to 502nd Bde, 5ID, PA on 19 January 1989. It was tasked to conduct combat operations in all provinces of Region II.

On 02 December 1989, 4th SRBn was absorb by 5ID, PA pursuant to Section II, GO # 542, HPA dated 21 December 1989. The unit was later renamed as 77th Infantry Battalion, 5ID, PA and was placed OpCon to 502nd Bde. The unit was then designated as the National Manuevering Force of the AFP.

Due to its overwhelming accomplishments and known for its good performance, the Battalion moved on 10 March 1999 vacating San Agustin, Isabela to Headquarters 6ID, PA, Awang, Datu Odin, Sinsuat, Maguindanao.

On 13 April 1999, the Battalion assumed the former AOR of 64IB, 6ID, PA, namely; Aleosan, Alamada, Banisilan, Midsayap and Libungan all of North Cotabato Province. The Battalion was placed  OPCON to 603rd Bde and stationed at Poblacion, Aleosan, North, Cotabato. In a short period, the unit was able to implement a very successful Social Reform Agenda­­- Community Assistance on Rural Empowerment and Service (SRA-CARES) program at Brgy Guiling, Alamada, North Cotabato on 11-12 May 1999.

On 02 April 2000, the Battalion was redeployed to the islands of Sulu and Tawi-tawi replacing the 9th Marine Battalion Landing Team. As 5ID’s contingent to the Southern Philippines, the unit has its modest contribution in the AFP’s counter terrorism campaign.

After a year of stint in the land of the Tausogs, the unit return back to Headquarters 5ID, PA Upi, Gamu, Isabela on 29 March 2001. However, after a short period with the mother unit, the Battalion was ordered OPCON to 7ID, PA based at Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija serving as the Division Striking Force in Central Luzon.

On 05 September 2001, as volatile situation arose in the province of Basilan, the unit was ordered to move to Isabela, Basilan Province to reinforce units in the area in tracking down the Abu Sayyaf and rescue the DOS PALMAS hostages.

On 12 January 2002, the unit returned back to 5ID and subsequently occupied the municipalities of Enrile, Piat, Tuao, Rizal all of Cagayan Province and Pinukpuk, Rizal and eastern part of Balbalan, Kalinga Province and the municipalities of Conner and Kabugao of Apayao Province.

Because of its remarkable accomplishment and expertise in the field of administration and Intelligence operations, on 16 December 2003, 77th Infantry Battalion was designated as the CAFGU Active Auxilliary CADRE Battalion of the 5th Infantry Division pursuant to General Order #570, H5ID, PA dated 28 November 2003. From its previous location at Sitio Turayok , Brgy Banban, Conner, Apayao, the unit moved at the former RCDG Compound, Camp Melchor F Dela Cruz, Upi, Gamu, Isabela on 28 March 2004 and assumed administrative responsibility over all CAA companies witin the division AOR.

From the time the Battalion was designated as CAFGU Cadre of 5ID, it has constantly moved in and out of Camp Melchor F Dela Cruz, Upi, Gamu, Isabela in order to effectively discharge its mandated function and ably to fill its task in the Division ISO Campaign Plan.

On 27 August 2005, the unit moved from Camp Melchor F Dela Cruz to Sitio Tactac, Brgy Puncan, Carranglan, Nueva Ecija replacing Bravo Company of 54IB. In addition to its primary mission as Cadre Battalion, the unit secures the MSR from San Jose, Nueva Ecija to Sta Fe, Nueva Vizcaya. On 01 August 2007 the unit returned to Camp Melchor F Dela Cruz.

On 05 February 2009, the unit was moved to Brgy Bagumbayan, Dupax Del Sur, Nueva Vizcaya relieving 54IB. On 22 June 2010 the unit returned to Camp Melchor F Dela Cruz. With the massive division campaign of winning the peace and to fill the security vacuum in part of the division AOR, the unit moved from Camp Melchor F Dela Cruz to Sitio Balabal, Brgy Uno, Jones, Isabela. While, on 13 July 2011, the unit moved back again to Camp Melchor F Dela Cruz, Upi, Gamu, Isabela to administer effciently and effectively all CAA units in the AOR in support to the 5ID’s over-all conduct of DSSO.

 In March 2014, 77th Infantry Battalion has won as the Best CAFGU Active Auxiliary of the Year Award, Philippine Army when it implemented the Ecological Composting Receptacle (ECR) technology program of 5ID GREENSTAR Project. In 25 February 2015, the unit became a learning site on organic agriculture as declared by the Agricultural Training Institute, Regional Training Center 02, of the Department of Agriculture. Likewise, the farm was certified organic farm by the University of Philippines at Los Baňos, Laguna and it was the only certified organic farm and waste management model in the entire Philippine Army. 

As of the present, 77th Infantry Battalion (CADRE) thru the GREENSTAR Project, which stands for Garbage Recycling for an Ecologically-balance Environment thru Natural and Simplified Techno-Agricultural Response has already accommodated visitors with 270 groups and 6,879 individuals. It has received numerous awards with fifty-six (56) different Certificates and Recognitions from different stakeholders.

The journey of the 77IB with its remarkable accomplishments both in the field and administration, protecting and preserving healthy environment is an enunciation of the Army’s love to country in securing the lands and protecting the Filipino people.


Lineage of Commanders (Date assumed and Date of relieved)

1. LTC JAVIER CARBONEL (INF) PA 01 Sep 72 – 01 Oct 75
2. LTC PAUL MARQUEZ O-94863 (INF) PA 01 Oct 75 – 16 Jan 76
3. MAJ RENATO GACIAS O-96830 9INF) PA 16 Jan 76 – 01 Mar 77
4. LTC HENRY LIMENEA (INF) PA 01 Mar 77 – 20 Sep 77
5. LTC PAUL MARQUEZ O-94863 (INF) PA 20 Sep 77 – 01 Dec 79
6. LTC DOMINADOR A OLIVEROS O-97076 (SC) PA 01 Dec 79 – 18 Nov 82
7. LTC SALVADOR C CALIMAG O-96572 (INF) PA 18 Nov 82 – 16 Aug 83
8. MAJ EDDIE CEREZO O-101587 (SC) PA 16 Aug 83 – 25 Aug 83
9. LTC PRIMER ASPRER O-6574 (INF) PA 25 Aug 83 – 01 Sep 84
10. MAJ EUSEBIO P RAMOS O-101280 (INF) PA 01 Sep 84 – 28 Aug 86
11. LTC RAFAEL I GALVEZO O-5870 INF (GSC) PA 28 Aug 86 – 16 Dec 87
12. MAJ EDDIE CEREZO O-101587 (SC) PA 16 Dec 87 – 16 Jan 88
13. LTC RAFAEL I GALVEZO O-5870 INF (GSC) PA 16 Jan 88 – 31 Jan 89
14. CPT LAURO GARDULA O-110353 (INF) PA 01 – 19 Feb 89
15. MAJ JUANITO S BUSTALES O-103531 (INF) PA  20 Feb 89 – 20 Feb 90
16. LTC ESTEPHEN L PARAZO O-5645 (QMS) PA 21 Feb – 25 Aug 90
17. MAJ LAMBERTO E BARTIDO O-103037 (INF) PA 16 – 17 Aug 90
18. MAJ PATERNO ESCUDERO O-6724 (FA) PA 18 Aug 90 – 20 Aug 91
19. LTC GIL B MALAMUG JR O-6303 (INF) PA 21 Aug 91 – 10 Feb 92
20. MAJ PEDRO T BAYANI O-10623 (INF) PA 10 Feb 92 – 04 Sep 93
21. LTC ALFREDO S OLIVEROS O-6250 INF (MNSA) PA 05 Sep 93 – 05 Sep 94
22. LTC RUDY T GULIGADO O-7050 INF (GSC) PA 06 Sep 94 – 17 Mar 96
23. MAJ ADUARDO S PINZON O-106018 (FA) PA 18 Mar 96 – 18 Mar 97
24. LTC ROLANDO B TENEFRANCIA O-7969 (INF) PA 19 Mar 97 – 23 Jul 98
25. LTC FLORANTE V OCCENA O-103180 (INF) PA 23 Jul 98 – 06 Sep 99
26. LTC FELIX F CALIMAG O-105989 (INF) PA 07 Sep 99 – 18 Aug 00
27. LTC VIRGILIO V LOPEZ O-110925 (INF) PA 15 Aug 00 – 01 Nov 01
28. LTC RUY D FABROS O-111796 (FA) PA 01 Nov 01 – 30 Nov 02
29. MAJ JOSE P TOLIBAS O-108902 (INF) PA 01 Dec 02 – 30 Sep 03
30. LTC ALEXANDER G ABOGADO O-112717 INF (GSC) PA 30 Sep 03 – 03 Sep 04
31. COL CELSO M ARCILLA O-109642 (INF) PA 04 Sep 04 – 05 Sep 05
32. LTC PABLO L LIWAN JR O-8836 (INF) PA 05 Sep 05 – 28 Apr 06
33. LTC ALEXANDER G ABOGADO O-112717 INF (GSC) PA 28 Apr 06 – 18 Jul 06 
34. LTC LEOPOLDO R GALON JR O-9690 INF (GSC) PA 18 Jul 06 – 19 Feb 07
35. LTC ELIAS H ESCARCHA JR O-9544 INF (GSC) PA 20 Feb – 11 Jul 07
36. LTC LORETO C MAGUNDAYAO JR O-9662 CAV (GSC) PA 12 Jul 07 – 30 Jun 88
37. LTC CLIFFORD CYRIL RIVERAL O-9640 INF (GSC) PA 01 Jul 08 – 09 Sep 09
38. LTC LEOUEL A SANTOS O-9480 INF (GSC) PA 09 Sep 09 – 30 Jun 10
39. LTC ANTONIO A LASTIMADO O-10029 INF (GSC) PA 01 Jul 10 – 16 Aug 11
40. LTC ERNESTO M SIMON O-121440 INF (GSC) PA 16 Jul 11 – 16 Aug 12
41. LTC NOEL T BALUYAN O-10366 INF (GSC) PA 16 Aug 12 – 01 Feb 14
42. COL FRANCISCO D MILLARE O-121940 INF (GSC) PA 01 Feb 14 – 06 Oct 16
43. COL JOSE ARN M REAL O-10877 INF (GSC) PA 06 Oct 16 – 18 May 17
44. LTC NICEFORO M DIAZ JR O-11494 INF (GSC) PA 18 May 17 – 27 Mar 18
45. LTC REMBERT R BAYLOSIS O-11383 INF (GSC) PA 27 Mar 18 to date



The 77th Infantry Battalion Cadre of the 5th Infantry Star Division, Philippine Army, which adheres to the implementation of the Greenstar project has adopted its simple way of addressing the solution to the climate change mitigation thru organic farming. The waste management system incorporated in the Greenstar project has a schemed to introduce organic farming utilizing as fertilizer the waste produced from garbage recycling facility particularly the use of Eco composting receptacle technology or ECR in composting waste.

ECR promotes clean, green and organize surroundings which aims to protect public health and eco-friendly environment as embodied in the republic act 9003 the ecological solid waste management of 2000 and for such practice 77th Infantry Battalion was recognized as the best CAFGU auxiliary of the year awarded by Philippine Army on March 2014   at Fort Bonifacio Metro Manila.

The Greenstar school for practical agriculture and farm tourism site was recognized by several government agencies for its micro organic farming known for its high productivity using low tech but high yield methods of production. The 77th Infantry Battalion has recently published a book entitled Greenstar the 5th Infantry Star Division experience wherein it is a valuable reference to be used by our soldiers in advocating and promoting social and environmental protection preservation and cultivation. It is also an information reference not only for soldiers, but most especially to be shared with the civilian stakeholders to participate in an ending quest to counter the alarming battle on climate change we are facing now a days. It also served as a handbook for the aspiring small-scale organic farmers.

With the practice established by the 5th Infantry Star Division thru the 77th Infantry Battalion CADRE. The Greenstar project will go a very long way and could help soldiers Cafgu Active Auxiliary members and even people in the community to uplift their well-being along with our humble efforts to protect the community reflects our loved for the people that we may continue share this project thereby contributing to the noble perseverance of developing the loved of country and strong sense of national pride which comes from a strong sense of what practice in Greenstar project.

 Under the new leadership of the 5th Infantry Star Division Commander Major General Perfecto M Rimando Jr AFP.  The 77th Infantry Battalion establishes more advanced features of the Greenstar project and pioneers the new source of modal farming techniques which could lead to dependable access to healthy foods by integrating efficient and adopting more farming technologies. The 77th Infantry Battalion has worked on achieving yet highly effective farming method which could contribute in mitigating the effects of this current environmental stresses that extremely affect the natural stability of the environment.