Unit Seal and Description/Symbolism (NHCP Arrival of Available)


          The LOGO represents the great challenge face by the unit that needs the highest degree of professionalism, focus its attention wherever this unit shall be deployed and assumes responsibility to its pre-designated AOR.

The logo represents the great challenge face by the unit that needs the highest degree of professionalism, focus its attention wherever this unit shall be deployed and assumes responsibility to its pre-designated AOR.

THE MAP– stands for the unit’s readiness to be deployed anywhere in the Philippines.

THE SWORD – symbolizes for protection, righteousness and justice to reinforce the concept of truth, purity, equanimity and fairness of the unit.

THE LAUREL LEAVES – represents the long term of peace and professionalism.

SHIELD – symbolizes defense which is the primary and ultimate mission of the army.

THE NUMBER “86” – numerical number designation of the unit.

“HIGHLANDER” – is the unit motto and known to the people situated in hinterlands of northern Luzon. However, the word “highlander” is not only referring to the people itself, but also the terrain in 5th infantry (star) division which is rugged and mountainous similar to the previous AOR of 1pcgh for united nations peacekeeping mission in Golan heights where most of its personnel were formed as nucleus of the 86TH INFANTRY (HIGHLANDER) BATTALION.

GREEN – represents the official color of the Philippine army and symbolizes hope and renewal.

RED – shows the brave acts of every personnel of 86TH INFANTRY (HIGHLANDER) BATTALION in the attainment of peace and order.

GOLD – signifies triumph and success of the unit.

BROWN – conveys simplicity, durability and stability of the unit to offer a sense of orderliness.

BLACK – the background color of the word “highlander”, which denotes strength, authority and service to the people.



86IB, 5ID, PA conducts development support operations to DISMANTLE SOUTHERN FRONT IN AO YANKEE in the first semester of CY 2018, in order to facilitate the eventual defeat of KR-HSL(Komiteng Rehiyon – Hilagang Silangang Luzon) to ensure security, contribute to development and sustain peace in the Battalion’s AOR.



 We envision the 86TH Infantry (HIGHLANDER) Battalion to be the Army’s top performing Battalion ready to be deployed whenever and wherever; may it be in times of conflict and in times of peace; Resilient in defending the sovereignty and integrity of our national territory; Dependable partner with other stakeholders in upholding the democracy and maintaining a peaceful environment conducive for development and progress.

86IB Motto: “We safeguard our homeland”


H – Honor, Duty, Patriotism

I – Impregnable and Dedicated to Service

G – Gallant and Brave Men of the AFP

H – Hope of the Fatherland

L – Loyalty to Duty and Devotion to Country

A – Audacity and Dependable Soldiers

N – Nemesis of the Enemy of the State

D – Defenders of Peace and Freedom

E – Epitome of Excellence and Discipline

R – Respectful Soldier of God and Brotherhood for Peace





  • HEADQUARTERS AND HEADQUARTERS COMPANY – situated at vic (51Q UU 61245 32042) Sitio Balabal, Barangay Uno, Jones, Isabela.
  • ALPHA (ARCHER) COMPANY – situated at vic (51Q UU 99676 75530) Barangay Alibadabad, San Mariano, Isabela.
  • BRAVO (BULLET) COMPANY – situated at vic (51Q UT 55774 98153) Barangay Dipantan, Nagtipunan, Quirino.
  • CHARLIE (WILD CAT) COMPANY – situated at vic (51Q UU 61245 32042) Sitio Balabal, Barangay Uno, Jones, Isabela.


The 86th Infantry (HIGHLANDER) Battalion was activated on 15 February 2010, pursuant to Section III, General Orders Number 145 HPA, dtd 16 March 2010, to fill-up the lacking of Infantry Battalions in the different Infantry Divisions of the Philippine Army. Due to the problem of personnel fill-up the newly activated Battalion, the Philippine Army was forced to wait for the arrival of the 1st Philippine Contingent from Golan Heights (1st PCGH) who were deployed in Middle East  to perform United Nations Peacekeeping Operations particularly in the border of Israel and Syria.

Upon the arrival of the 1st serial of 1st PCGH in the Philippines on 29 April 2010, the Philippine Army personnel of the said contingent was immediately organized as the nucleus of the 86th Infantry Battalion. The unit was immediately placed-OPCON to National Capital Region Command (NCRCOM) of the AFP purposely to perform Election duty and other related activities in Metro Manila and served as Camp Defense Security of Camp Aguinaldo. On 09 May 2010, the main body of 86TH Infantry Battalion was composed of twenty six (26) Officers and eighty (80) Enlisted Personnel.

After three (3) months of being OPCON with NCRCOM, the ninety four (94) remaining personnel of the unit and fifty (50) privates from TRADOC, PA together with the newly designated Battalion Commander of 86th Infantry Battalion departed from Manila and proceeded to its permanent unit, in 5th Infantry (STAR) Division, Camp Melchor F Dela Cruz, Upi, Gamu, Isabela on 04 August 2010.

To fill-up its Organizational Structure, more troops have been added, which are composed of new graduates of CSC Class 4-10 with (150 privates) and the integration of Composite Company of the Division and other personnel from different units. Most of the additional personnel were from Cordillera Region for which people popularly called “HIGHLANDERS”. However, the word “HIGHLANDERS” is not only referring to the people itself, but also the terrain in 5th Infantry (STAR) Division which is rugged and mountainous.

 The group was formally welcomed by no less than the Commander, 5th Infantry (Star) Division, MGEN ROMMEL A GOMEZ AFP, with the Officers, Men and Civilian Employees of the Division were present during the welcome ceremony on 06 August 2010, followed by the formal installation of the first ever Battalion Commander of the 86th Infantry (Highlander) Battalion in the person of LTC ERNESTO M SIMON INF (GSC) PA.

On 04 October 2010, the 86th Infantry (HIGHLANDER) Battalion was deployed on its first Area of Responsibility in the whole Province of Ifugao and Nueva Viscaya with a total of Three Hundred Fifty (350) strong personnel, composed of sixteen (16) Officers and three hundred thirty four (334) Enlisted Personnel. Its first Battalion Command Post was established in Sitio Ibulao, Brgy Baguinge, Kiangan, Ifugao.

The Alpha (Archer) Company, first Company Headquarters was established in Brgy Antipulo, Asipulo, Ifugao and the Bravo (Bulldog) Company, first Company Headquarters was established in Brgy Ibung, Villaverde, Nueva Viscaya and the Charlie (Wildcat) Company, first Company Headquarters was established in Brgy Impugong, Tinoc, Ifugao.

During the stint of the unit over the Province of Ifugao and Nueva Viscaya, the unit encountered major debacle in the area of Brgy Gumhang, Tinoc, Ifugao were eleven personnel, to include the Operations Officer and one civilian were died during the ambushed transpired on 26 April 2012.

On March 2013, the unit assumed its ISO responsibility over the Province of Isabela except the Municipality of Dinapigue and the Battalion Command Post was established in So Balabal, Brgy Uno, Jones, Isabela.

On January 2014, the unit displaced its Command Post and established new Command Post together with the three Line Companies at Brgy Alibadabad, San Mariano, Isabela for the purpose of Battalion Retraining Program, but due to some consequences the BRP was not able to happen.

On 14 March 2015, the Highlander Hymn “Bukal ng Karangalan” was launched at Brgy Alibadabad, San Mariano, Isabela, who was written by Dr. Jimmy P Domingo with the music of Ms Jaima J Pineda and was played by the Highlander Band. On 28 March 2015, the Highlander March “Jubilant Highlander” was also launched by the same writer and music.

On September 2015, the unit displaced its Command Post with the three companies and moved to 5DTS; Battalion Retraining Facilities for the purpose of Battalion Retraining Program and it was formally open on 01 October 2015 and culminated on 27 November 2015.

After the retraining the unit established its Command Post going back at So Balabal, Brgy Uno, Jones, Isabela together with the Bravo (Bullet) Company and Charlie (Wildcat) Company while the Alpha (Archer) Company Headquarters was established in Brgy Alibadabad, San Mariano, Isabela.

On 15 January 2016, the unit assumed its additional ISO responsibility over the Province of Quirino and the Bravo (Bullet) Company was immediately established its Company Headquarters at Brgy Dipantan, Nagtipunan, Quirino to address ISO responsibility in the area.


OOA 040750 July 17, One Pltn (-) led by 2LT RODEL E BUNAO (INF) PA of “B” Coy of this unit while conducting combat operation, discovered an enemy encampment at GC 51Q UT 6546491324, So. Pulang-Lupa, Brgy Disimungal, Nagtipunan, Quirino. Said encampment can accommodate more or less one hundred (100) CTs.

OOA 270640H July 2017, Two (2) Platoons, BCoy led by 1LT ARNEL R BACALUCOS (INF) PA and 2LT PRIME ANGEL LOU M ABUAN (INF) PA conducted clearing/scouring at the vicinity of the encounter site.

OOA 150635 February 2018, joint elements of 502BDE, 86IB, 5EOD, RIO, PPO Quirino, RPSB, PPSC, R2 PRO 2, MIG 2, 52MIB, ISU, CIDG Quirino and Maddela Police Station, after serving the Search Warrant at the house of a certain Kevin Bulayo @GLEN at vicinity GC 51Q UU 4685903672, So Upper Anuhan, Brgy Jose Ancheta, Maddela, Quirino.

OOA 182300 February 2018, joint elements Ilagan City Police Station led by PSUPT RAFAEL U PAGALILAUAN, COP, Regional Intelligence Division (RID) led by PSUPT ARIEL N QUILANG, Isabela Provincial Mobile Force Company (IPMC) led by PSUPT SANTOS D BALDOVISO, Provincial Intelligence Branch (PIB) led by PSUPT VI-CON M ABELLERA, 502BDE, 86IB led by LTC REMIGIO A DULATRE INF (GSC) PA, 5MIB, MIG2, ISAFP led by MAJ GERALD L REYES arrested a certain Mauricio Sagun, 65 years old, married and a resident of Brgy Old San Mariano, San Mariano, Isabela by virtue of Warrant of Arrest under Criminal Case Nos. 5024, 7170 and 7169 all issued by HON. ISAAC R DE ALBAN, Judge, RTC Branch 16, Second Judicial Region, Brgy Alibagu, Ilagan City dated 07 may 2015, dated 10 December 2015 and 10 December 2015 for the crime of Murder with no recommended bail bond respectively. Subsequently, the arrested wanted person together with Mario Turqueza y Lemi, 65 years old married, Ariel Peňaflor y Ramos, 48 years old, married, Bernard Peňaflor y Pancho, 21 years old, single, all residents of Brgy Minanga, San Mariano, Isabela and Maximiňano Domingo y Agcaoili, 44 years old , married and a resident of Brgy Old San Mariano, San Mariano, Isabela who were then having a drinking spree were likewise arrested for having a possession and control of the following: One (1) Pietro Berreta Cal. 9mm pistol with Serial Number N509787Z with inserted magazine loaded with Fifteen (15) live ammunitions, One (1) piece sling bag, One (1) pc 9mm holster, One (1) Cal. 38 revolver without serial number loaded with Five (5) pcs live ammunition, Three (3) pcs Hand Grenade, One (1) pc Hand Grenade Canister, One (1) pc Blasting Cap, One (1) pc Detonating Cord and One (1) pc Anti-personnel explosive.

The subject persons stemmed from a tipped-off that subject wanted person was sighted at said barangay having a drinking session with the other four suspects. Upon receipt of said information and knowing the Mauricio Sagun is subject for surveillance because of his string criminal cases. The PNP immediately coordinated to other units from the AFP for the conduct of joint operation to effect the Warrant of Arrest which eventually resulted to his successful neutralization after informing him of his constitutional rights. Relatedly, his four companion were likewise arrested for having in their custody the aforesaid illegal items.

The accused/suspects were brought to Ilagan City Police Station for documentation and proper disposition.

OOA 251025 March 2018, one (1) Pltn(-) ACoy led by 1LT CANIZARES (INF) PA while conducting vicinity patrol at GC 51Q VU 0515778237, So Lucban, Brgy Dibuluan, San Mariano, Isabela and traversing towards their objectives, saw a dubious person who immediately ran upon seeing the government troops. The troops under 1LT CANIZARES then deployed his forces in advantage position while others maneuvered to cordon the said person.


  • 5ID Rifle Squad Challenge 2016 Champion (Infantry Battalion Category) dated 28-30 September 2016
  • 5ID DRO Squad Challenge 2016 Champion dated 26-27 September 2016
  • 5ID DRO Challenge 2017 Champion dated 28-29 April 2017
  • Rifle Shoot fest 2017 Champion (Team Category) dated 09 November 2017.



LTC ERNESTO M SIMON O-121440 INF (GSC) PA 06 AUG 2010 – 15 AUG 2011
LTC EUGENIO S BATARA JR O-10653 INF (GSC) PA 16 AUG 2011 – 03 MAY 2012
LTC EMILIO R PAJARILLO JR O-10622 INF (GSC) PA 04 MAY 2012 – 10 FEB 2014
LTC JOSE ARN M REAL O-10877 INF (GSC) PA 11 FEB 2014 – 01 SEP 15