5th Service Support Battalion

5th Service Support Battalion



CIRCLE – represents the wheel which symbolized the never ending need for transportation and mobility.

GREEN LAUREL LEAF– is stands for prosperity and the successful accomplishment of the SSBN’s duties in support of 5ID, PA.

OLIVE GREEN ARROWHEAD- symbolizes ancient weaponry while the color olive green signifies the unit’s contribution to peace.

GOLD- COLORED BULLET– represents the prestige and wisdom required of the officers and man in the performance of their given tasks.

GOLD-COLORED KEY– represents the knowledge, integrity of the officers and men of the unit.

GRAY-COLORED, WRENCH– symbolizes the reliability devotion to duties, competence of each member of the unit to accomplish the assigned mission.



This unit was formerly the Maintenance and Motor Transportation Company which was deactivated pursuant to Section 1 General Orders Number 464 HPA dtd 28 December 1981. However, pursuant to Section II General Orders Number 20 H5ID, PA, the unit was upgraded to Maintenance and Motor Transportation Battalion on 3 February 1982 because the Division was augmented with additional Brigades and Infantry Battalions for deployment in its AOR.

In the process of continuing study to suit the unit’s mission and capabilities, the Division had come up to the issuance of Section I General Orders Number 183 H5ID, PA dtd 20 May 1986. The Maintenance and Transportation Battalion was deactivated on 19 May 1986 and reactivated into Service Support Battalion on 19 May 1986 pursuant to Section II General Orders Number 183 dtd 20 May 1986 which composed of the following units; Headquarters and Headquarters Service Company, Maintenance and Motor Transportation Company, Supply and Service Company, Medical Company and the Dental Detachment.

The integration of additional organic companies and the unit’s mission has became broader and has to its mission accomplishments. The Maintenance and Motor Transportation Company has dispatched vehicles on both administrative, operational repair and maintenance of Command and line units Vehicles. The Medical Company was instrumented in the treatment of patients of different cases extended to military personnel, dependents, civilian’s employees and other civilians. Dental Detachment had undergone dental missions in the different places within the Division’s AOR. The Maintenance Company also underwent periodic inventory on its  medical, ordnance, quartermaster supplies and equipment with emphasis on the  timely distribution to the Division organic and OPCON units.


In line with the ATR Strategic Initiative on Enhancing the PA Health Service Support System that intends to develop a responsive health service system and uplift the morale of personnel especially those in the field, the Command satisfied the requirements for the activation of 5th Forward Support Medical Company and upgrade its Combat Medics and Evacuation Section in the Infantry Battalions into a Medical Platoon (MP). The Medical Support Detachments assigned at the Station Hospital of the different Infantry Divisions, are deactivated pursuant to HPA GO Nr 181 dtd 15 March 2012 and effected the activation of Forward Support Medical Companies on 16 April 2012.

As of this time, the unit is under the stewardship of LTC ALEJANDRO C MANALO JR OS (GSC) PA. Under his leadership, the unit accomplished various activities such as the repair and maintenance of all organic vehicles of the Command as well as vehicles from the line units. The morale and welfare of the personnel within the unit is always taken into consideration so as to perform their assigned tasks to the best of their ability. The Commanding Officer, LTC MANALO JR always stands with his conviction to the accomplishment of the unit’s mission.